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Bariatric Surgeries: Which Ones Can Cause Malabsorption? - Dr. Naim (VIDEO)

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Dr. H. Joseph Naim addresses the bariatric procedures that can result in malabsorption.

Dr. Naim:
Sleeve gastrectomy and the band procedure, just like LAP-BAND® or the REALIZE® band, these are considered restrictive operations, meaning that basically, the procedure creates a smaller stomach and just reduces the amount of calorie the patient can get.

Malabsorptive operation, like the biliopancreatic diversion that some people may be familiar with, or gastric bypass, involves bypassing a segment of small intestine. Therefore, less of what the patient eats gets absorbed. Therefore, you have a possibility of vitamin deficiency; iron deficiency is common in people who take gastric bypass procedure, and in these operations, it’s important for the patient to be on multivitamins, not as much under restrictive operations, not as much under band operation, not as important for the sleeve gastrectomy.

And it’s important in the sleeve gastrectomy to mention that not only the patient has less space to eat, also because the stomach is removed, we know that the ghrelin hormone, which is also known as the hunger hormone, is remarkably reduced. So, there’s the second effect from this operation that my patients are just not hungry, and that’s why I think we have superior results compared to other banding procedures.

I would like to emphasize that also I have a lot of experience with this. Not every program offers the sleeve gastrectomy. Because I work closely with hospitals like Tri-City hospital and Cedars Sinai, we have been able to do close to a hundred of these operations, and we’ve had great results.

About Dr. H. Joseph Naim, M.D.:
Dr. Naim received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Southern California in Los Angeles, with distinction in research with departmental honors. He then completed his medical training at prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine, in New York City. This was followed with four years of training in general surgery, which concluded with an additional year as Chief Surgical Resident at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. His interest in weight loss surgery took him to another year of fellowship training in University Medical Center in Princeton, under direction of world renowned bariatric surgeon, Robert E. Brolin, M.D.

Condition: Obesity, Morbid Obesity, Weight Loss, Morbidly Obese

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