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Bariatric Surgery: What Can Patients Expect? - Judy Tanielian (VIDEO)

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Bariatric nurse Judy Tanielian describes what patients can expect immediately after undergoing bariatric surgery.

Nurse Judy Tanielian:
Following bariatric weight loss surgery the patient can expect to experience some nausea. This will really depend on the individual but most patients do experience some nausea following the surgery. The pouch is very small, generally we say it’s the size of one or two thumbs held together, so that gives a visual of what the pouch is like.

Most of us in this society are very used to eating quickly and not chewing our food very well. The patient is going to have to learn to eat slow, savor the taste of the food, chew the food very well and we like to tell patients to sit down three times a day in a relaxed atmosphere and have a meal eating very slowly, small spoons, preferably on a small plate like a salad plate.

Some people even choose to use a child’s utensils for eating. I find it very helpful to tell patients initially when they go home to use a medicine cup for drinking. Using a large glass encourages the patient to take a normal size drink but using a small medicine cup encourages the patient to take a small sip and we like them to drink frequently but small sips so they don’t overfill the pouch and become nauseated.

About Judy Tanielian, R.N., B.S.N., C.B.N.:
Judy Tanielian, R.N., B.S.N., C.B.N. has nearly forty years of nursing experience and six years of experience as a Clinical Director managing Bariatric Surgery programs. She graduated with honors from Portland Community College’s Associate Degree Registered Nursing program in 1973. She served as a nurse at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in The Oregon Burn Center for twenty two years, filling a variety of roles from bedside care to management. While at Legacy, Judy was awarded her Bachelor’s Degree with honors, through Excelsior College. During that time period, she was also inducted into the Nursing Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau.

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