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Cheri Shares When She First Realized She Had A Weight Problem (VIDEO)

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Cheri introduces herself, recalls when she first knew she had a weight problem, and describes her experience with bariatric surgeon Dr. Shyam Dahiya.

Hi, I am Cheri, and I am a patient of Dr. Dahiya’s, and with my bypass procedures that he has done I have lost a total of 105 pounds now.

It was in 1999, and I was having major health issues that included diabetes. I had very high blood pressure, and I ended up with sleep apnea having to sleep with a CPAP machine. To find Dr. Dahiya, I was very ill. After my first bypass procedure in 2000, since then I have had five open procedures, and what we discovered was that I was very sick and I have been sick for eight years.

I had a constant fever, temperature; I felt like I had the flu all the time. And I knew something was wrong, but the surgeons up in Los Angeles, they could not help me and I was very frustrated. And finally I decided that it was all in my hands, so I decided to go online and do some research, and there were some procedures that were new for gastric bypass patients.

And so, I found Dr. Dahiya. He was one of the few surgeons in California that was able to do certain procedures, and so I thought, “Ah, he knows; he knows how I am rebuilt, and I am sure he could help me.” So I contacted Amelia and spoke to her and she encouraged me that yes, he does know. He is the best surgeon and he absolutely can help you.

So I immediately made an appointment and came in and met him, and we created a plan of action from there. And that plan included that Dr. Dahiya would actually go down inside my throat and look to see how I was currently built, and at that time he discovered that I had a couple of surgical defects, and none of the other surgeons had come across that before. So I knew I was in the right hands.

So when we came back to the office a week later, he described what it was that I had that needed to be repaired inside of me and how he would go about doing it. But since I had had five open procedures, I have a lot of scar tissue, and he was not sure that he’d be able to do a laparoscopic procedure on me because of that. So I was resigned to the fact that I was going to need another open procedure, but fortunately, he is so talented, and when we got into the surgery he ended up being able to do a laparoscopic procedure, and it was fabulous on me.

I just, you know, recovered very quickly. I was in the hospital only two days. I was up on my own, and they were trying to find me, but I was walking the halls. I felt so great, and I have never been out of the hospital in less than a week before, and I was out in two days.

Not only was I out, I was functioning; I was mobile, I was able to get myself something to eat. And it was just a real blessing and I feel very privileged that to have him as my surgeon and I would highly recommend him, and have, to other people. I know what the type of man he is and he will go to great lengths in order to help you.

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