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What Motivates You To Help Bariatric Patients? - Nurse Iduate (VIDEO)

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Bariatric Nurse Cyndi Iduate explains what drives her to help bariatric patients.

Nurse Cyndi Iduate:
Definitely what motivates me to help bariatric patients is that I am a patient myself. I know exactly what they go through. I know the feelings that they have, what they are experiencing, how the surgery changes their life completely. So I can really level with them and cry with them and build that bond that they find so comforting.

They can come in here. I have open door policy, so they can come in here, knock on my door. I open the door. They can come here, sit with me, talk to me, and it makes that so much easier for them where they can come and have that ease to speak to somebody who is maybe not their family member, but somebody who has really walked their shoes. And not only as a patient but as an expert in the field who can talk to them most about the medical aspects if there is any medical issues going on.

So I can tell them either they have to of course consult their surgeon back or what have you, but it’s a different kind of relationship. So it’s great, and for me, it’s the most rewarding nursing job I have ever had.

About Cyndi Iduate, R.N.:
Cyndi Iduate, R.N., B.S.N, C.B.N., is a certified bariatric nurse coordinator and support group facilitator at South Miami Hospital in Florida. Cyndi lost 196 pounds after undergoing bariatric surgery.

Visit Nurse Cyndi Iduate at South Miami Hospital

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