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Why Would Someone Want A Bariatric Revision? - Dr. Ellner (VIDEO)

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Dr. Ellner introduces herself and shares why a woman would want to have bariatric revision surgery.

Dr. Ellner:
Hi. I am Dr. Julie Ellner. I am a bariatric surgeon. I am the medical director of the Surgical Weight-Loss program at Alvarado Hospital.

There are actually a number of different reasons why a patient may be seeking a revision. Perhaps the patient feels that they just chose the wrong operation. This may be the patient who was diabetic, got a gastric banding hoping that their diabetes would resolve, and maybe they were one of the 30-some percent of people where the diabetes didn’t resolve. That’s one of the medical reasons why a patient would desire a revision.

A patient who had a gastric bypass may develop stretch of their stoma after their surgery. This can lead to worsening of dumping syndrome. It can lead to reflux of intestinal contents into the stomach that can lead to stomach pain, ulceration, gastritis, and getting a revision of that stoma can actually help those problems go away. But the most common reason that a patient is even considering a revision is due to weight regain after whatever surgery it is that they have chosen.

About Dr. Ellner, M.D.:
Dr. Julie Ellner, M.D., is a bariatric surgeon and medical director of Alvarado's Surgical Weight-Loss Program at Alvarado Hospital.

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