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hmm, my younger sister is said to have this disorder. From what i have read most psychiatrists say it is obscure in it's symptoms, how it comes out etc.
I have not ever had one other person i know even have heard of it...so being common ...not where i live!
Even counselors will flat out ask me exactly what my sister does because they say it is too generalized..like many doctors give patient that name when they do not know what is wrong.
My sister has not once had outburst at her jobs...she is extremely professional. She is hospice RN and I have yet to hear of patient or family members that do not like her. Some have left money to hospice because of her great care.
I have seen her burst out at her husband..she is very insecure and she has addiction personality. She also is anorexic. Sadly, she tends to pick men who are severely abusive. Though all of us sisters have picked men who are abusive to some degree thanks to my severely sick father .
So i just am surprise to hear it is common term when no one seems to know it around northern ca.

November 2, 2012 - 7:19pm


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