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(reply to Alison Beaver)

i am going to tell you everything that has happened in our relationship. We were trying to have a baby a year after we were together and we got pregnant but miscarried. After that we didnt even try but we did not use protection. things were not really all that great before Therin was born. He was still controlling. No,He does not like to discuss important adult things with me. When i try to talk to him about adlut stuff it leads to a fight.
We were together a year and a half and everything was great until we began fighting alot because he of his controlling issues and i left him many times because of that. I knew when he began acting like this i should leave him and i did.

I left him many times and he would always contact me somehow and talk me into getting back with him. I would agree to get back together and things were great. He bought me flowers one time! but a few days later we were back to arguing again.

well' we got into the biggest fight in october of 2008 wich caused me to leave again... i was gone for four days. I moved in with my friend jess whome i went to school with. The fourth day i was leaving work and he showed up asking me to move back in. I agreed to move back in with him even though i was so furious and affraid to go back but if i didnt i would not have anything.

I was affraid of losing everything! i would lose my job because I dont have a licence & my friend jess could not drive me to work everyday. So i moved back in and things got even worse because a week later i found out i was pregnant. My partner was upset and accused me of cheating during the four days that i was gone. He told me that he did not believe that it was his baby. That is when he stopped hugging me, kissing (anything affectionate).....

I was so heart broken... I cried and cried. I begged him to believe me but, he wouldnt. He just looked down at me with this disgusted look. I knew then things would just be so miserable and so I decided to spend a little more time away from him such as going to my friends house every now and then when things were to much for me to handle.

My friend amanda from work lived right down the road from our house and she had asked me to come over to her house for movie night. I invited my partner to come with me but he refused because he did not want to meet new people. I told him that i was still gonna go and he got upset & told me not to go. I didnt want to care because he was being controlling. so i went.

I watched the movie then i decided to call my partner just to let him know that i was about to come home and he said for me to just stay the night. I asked him why and he said that he just wanted to be by himself and so i said ok. I stayed at amandas. the next moring (the day before easter) i called him and told him that amanda was going to drive me to work.I asked him if he was going to pick me up when i got off work and he said " I dont think this is going to work." I replied " what do you mean?" and he says " I dont think that it is my baby!" It was like a giant slap to the face... I then replied "Im gonna prove you wrong!" and i hung up.

After i got off work that day i went home and the minute i walked the door he says " your things are packed upstairs!" without even looking at me. so I went upstairs and grabbed all my stuff and loaded it into amandas car. i did not talk to him after that.

About two weeks later my friend amanda and her husband told me that thier landlord said that they could not have any imediate family move in so i had to be out of her house in a week. so i had to move out. I had to quit my job and move into my moms house. at the time my mother was living at my grandmas because she takes care of her. So i had my mothers house to myself.

I went through hell being pregnant without any help. My mother was always working or taking care of my grandmother so i didnt get any help from her. I recieved $900 in tax returns. I was so thankfull for that because i was able to buy the babies nesseties. I got on foodstamps and medicade. i also went to food banks.

my due date was June 21,2010. I didnt gointo labor though, so my doctor scheduled me to be induced on June 24,2010. I decided to call him and let him know that i was going to be induced on thursday at 6:00 a.m. and if he wanted to see his son be born then to be at the hospital. He began talking to me on the phone and we were laughing. Things seemed great after i talked to him.

June 23rd at 10pm I went into labor naturally. I called him and him & his mom met at the hospital. he held my hand throughout delivery. Therin was born at 7:35 a.m. on June 24th. The next day he bought my a big vase of flowers. He stayed at the hospital with me for 3 days. On the 3rd day he asked me what i thought about moving back in. I replied " my intensions are to stay living at my moms house but i really dont want that." He looked at me and said "me either." I told him that if we were gonna be together then things have to change. he agreed and so me and the baby moved in.

Things were great for about a week. Now things are back to the way they were before. We dont fight like we used to but it is just because we have a baby now. We argue but we dont yell. but i just hate the fact that: after him knowing that it is his son, he still acts this way twards me.

I dont really know what to do. I am not leaving him because i love him and he is the father of my son. i know he can make an effort. he just refuses to do so and i dont know why.
Im sorry if this was alot to read. I just wanted to tell you all of the details of why things are the way they are. I just hope there is a way to fix it.

November 18, 2010 - 3:35pm


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