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(reply to Susan Schade)

I've known that he wont change being selfish and all but, I just have accepted that i am going to have to just deal with it. But i am just trying my hardest to figure out what i can do to better things for our relationship to make things a little easier. I love him. When me and him first got together it was like this crazy attraction. We were just drawn to each other. I just miss that so much and i wish that we could just go back to that. Maybe someday things will change as we grow older and just learn from what we do. but for now if things are going to be like this I just want to find methods that work best for when things are getting out of hand. I am going to admit that i am rebelious sometime to his comments. I have learned that i have to just hold my breath and just ignore it. Is that bad? I just want to try to make this situation work for me at least a little bit because i am not planning on leaving. i love him and i just want him to realize how much he means to me. I just so badly want to salvage our relationship. I just want to do all i can to help the situation.

November 21, 2010 - 7:16am


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