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(reply to Alison Beaver)

Unfortunately i am suffering from the same issues. I love him so much but it is hard to swallow when i think about how things are going. I miss him so much. We have been together for four years and we are in our 20's & just had a baby. We dont have sex, cuddle, kiss. Im lucky if i even get a hug. We have not had sex in over a year. I miss the lust that we had a a year 1/2 ago. I cry every night because i dont know what to do. he says he would work on it but has not shown any improvement. My feelings are so crushed and i am slowly developing depression again. I just want my man back. Love is such a beautiful thing and i hate wasting time not loving on one anther. I pray to god everday that he looks at me the way he used to. I am crying just writing this because it hurts me so bad to know that i dont have him in my life the way i want him to be. He is my everything and i love him with all my heart. I have asked for us to go to counciling but he refuses. he tells me nothing is wrong and nothing appears to be wrong with him but i know something is wrong because things are not the same anymore. i know there is nothing anybody can do to help me but i just like to know that i am not alone.

October 26, 2010 - 9:31pm


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