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Thank you for this article.I am going to my MD for some help with menopause.I read some aricles already on EmpowerHer and realized that I needed to go and seek medical attention for this issue. I will mention the patch for hormone replacement I am just hoping I will be able to pay for it as I do not have benefits.I do my best to keep healthy by excerise and eating good and now with EmpowerHer guidance I feel empowered with all the knowledge you have offered me.I do not take any medications only vitamins daily.If all goes well here in Canada hopefully the patch will be a hopeful choice to me as I know I do have severe menopause symptoms,Hot fashes 4 to 5 times,lightheaded, nausea, constant headaches and above which I noticed irritable,lashing out at people,really for no good reason.

September 2, 2011 - 8:38am


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