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Hi there anon, Our founder Michelle would be the first to tell you that reading a book written by Dr. Elizabeth Vliet was the first step on her road to recovery. The name of the book is called "Screaming to be Heard" and Dr. Vliet is out of Tucson. While she may not be in your area, she or someone from her office may be able to recommend doctors with similar expertise in your part of the world. You may also find Michelle's posts on her experience helpful. You can find them below:

Where Did My Cervix Go?

Night sweats and hot flashes

From Jammies that Pull Moisture Away from your Skin, to Portable Air Conditioning Units & Cool Pillows

Finally, here's a video on the types of hormones Michelle uses. You may find it helpful.


Please update us on your condition. Thank you!

October 28, 2011 - 4:45pm


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