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I have dermatitis on my eyes and the side of my face around my nose. I finally saw a dermatologist which told me my eyes were something I was allergic to as far back as 10 days before and it is extremely hard to figure out. I have a sulfur cream for my face and a compound cream was made for my eyes. Everything I tried on my eyes stung, so it was hard to get rid of. This doctor from Mayo makes creams, so he made a cortisone cream that works on eyes. Next month I will be doing a patch test to try to figure out the thing that
causes the dermatitis. I am allergic to many foods, so I thought it was that but could not determine exactly what it was. The Dr. felt it is a chemical reaction, perfume, or product related. It is interesting that this would start when you are in your 50's.

December 29, 2011 - 9:49pm


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