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Nice article and it makes good sense. I heard some where when I was younger and I am in my fifties now "you are what you eat" and other similar sayings that I live by to make me think and to remind myself to keep healthy. I have been taking time out to cook everything from scratch like soups,brown rice and stir frys,I am also drinking pure juices and vegetable juices. It is ashame people don't take time out to care about themselves even for 1/2 a day just to find some time to think about how they are feeling or to start doing something about it. I have worked many years as a nurse and seen so many health issues that could have been prevented instead it is always to late. Remember for those who are parents please do your best to take care of yourself your childern especially will be the ones that suffer the most what would they do with out you.

January 18, 2012 - 11:47am


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