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Thanks Vonnie for writing this post. So many women are clueless when it comes to male communication. When we understand the hows and whys they don't come right out and say what they feel, it is better for us women.
When I counsel a client that is frustrated because her boyfriend hasn't said "I love you" there may be a hundred different circumstances! Mostly I find those words to men mean commitment. So it takes them a little longer to say.
Bottom line is that I find watching their repeated behavior is proof of the pudding. If he is caring, remembers things you have told him, is empathetic towards you, that has a lot of meaning.
On the other hand, If he says "I love you" and is always MIA...Red flag my friends.
Again, I liked the way you raised this subject. It is something that women need to share. I will certainly share this one on my social sites.
Thanks so much
Donna Merrill

March 14, 2012 - 10:10am


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