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Very interesting article! As an advocate for IBS sufferers, a lifetime member of the IFFGD, and a past IBS sufferer, patient support associate and IBS moderator, I can relate all too well with this article. There is no doubt that stress and emotions can play an active part in the IBS equation - many had IBS come upon them 'out of the blue' while we know others - like our military or life-long patients - suffer IBS as a consequence of highly stressful situations or anxiety issues. One successful avenue of treatment along with others is the use of clinical hypnotherapy which was my way forward in addressing IBS. This method is only to be used after a diagnosis of IBS and of course, is not s substitute for medical care.

There has been successful clinical research studies into the efficacy of this method since 1984 as it addresses the brain-gut component of IBS. To date, it is one of the most effective ways to treat this condition, and most patients who have tried it have found a good reduction or even elimination of their IBS and related symptoms. For most of these patients, trying this method is usually a 'last resort' after all else has failed. This was the case for me - having had IBS since 1983, taking every medication, supplement, diet, etc available, many trips to medical clinics and tests, this was the only method that was able to help address the core of my IBS symptoms. The brain-gut connection is a phyisical problem - not mental - and can be measured. Clinical hypnotherapy changes the neural pathways from the brain to the gut to 'rewire' signals that bring on IBS symptoms of pain, cramping, diarrhea or constipation, as well as breaking the worry/anxiety cycle so prevalent in IBS sufferers. It took me years to find this method. For those who may be interested, I am happy to help. I speak with many IBS patients who are suffering and since I have been there too, I know what this journey entails. You can take a peek at www.healthyaudio.com for information and an explanation of how this method may be helpful. You can also call 877-898-2539 if you are suffering, have questions, or need free support. Thank you for letting me share! :)

March 22, 2012 - 12:43pm


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