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Hi Maxine62000
Diet is very important and the sooner you find out what agrees with your body, the better. I have Crohns and Colitis since 2004. I am on medication therapy to maintain. Diet is very important. Keep a diary of what foods you eat daily and how your body reacts. Bloating, pain in the anus, cramping. If you are in a flare up, everything will then react to you. When in flare up eat the whites, white bread, white pasta. The multigrain, whole grains will only amplify the issue. When your crohns has calmed down then you may go back to fiber rich foods. I follow weight watchers now. I am overweight. So I eat a lot of fruit, quinoa (which is a grain), broccoli, spinach, whole grain breads, but Ezekiel bread is best. It is a known fact that corn does not digest in your stomach. Goes in whole and comes out whole, depending on how you chew. Avoid dairy (for me it is milk) I occasionally will eat cheese and yogurt, but I drank milk daily. It is believed milk and not chewing your food is the culprit for our intestinal diseases. That is what I have read so far. My dad has had colitis since he was 45 years old and maintains it with diet. So how your body reacts to the food is your key. Hope this helps

April 25, 2012 - 8:04am


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