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The video seems to disagree with Dr. Perrone. Given that so many people know that soda is bad, I don't think its a problem with education. I think the problem lies in convenience and craving.

It's cheap and widely available. How many vending machines do you see with bottled non-sweetened iced tea? Or other non-sweetened beverages? What about in restaurants? Generally it seems hard to find good options when out and about, if one discounts water, and doesn't want to drink soda.

And the second issue I see is with cravings. People feel they need sugar and caffeine. No matter how effective the education, it becomes a question of willpower if the underlying cravings aren't addressed. However, it is possible through right diet and supplements to not suffer cravings or need the pick-me-up from caffeine. That's where the real education needs to go--to making people aware of what IS GOOD for the body and getting real food and the right supplements in their hands. This is my advice for reducing sugar cravings http://worldvitae.com/4-tips-curb-carb-cravings/

July 30, 2012 - 3:05pm


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