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It was on AZCentral.com and was only reprinted by others. USA Today reprinted Bob Ortega's article and Huff Post links to USA Today. If you look on the AZCentral site, you will see that Mr. Ortega did his due diligence in assembling research for the article. It explains the six month process it took for him to put the whole thing together. There is apparently quite a debate about "standard of care" as in, the women that received no screening would not have been screened anyway. AS IF that makes it okay. The women showed UP for research and at the heart of the ongoing investigations is the ability for most of the women to provide informed consent. I'm completely confused as to why none of the networks are interviewing the journalist who did a stellar job of reporting the story.

Thank you, Shana.... thank you for caring.

February 21, 2013 - 5:05pm


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