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Hello Kelly,

Many people spend most of the work day sitting behind a desk. Exercises that can be done while at work are a great way to stay fit and increases concentration.

There are a variety of exercises.

The Carpal Tunnel Reliever might be a good one for a person who spends a lot of time typing at a keyboard. Courtesy of Forbes:
" Stand at your desk, and arms straight, place your palms on the desk with your fingers pointed toward you. Lower your body slowly until you feel the stretch (you won't have to go far). Hold for 15 seconds. Repeat as needed through the day."

The Wooden Leg

"For lower-body strength: Sit in your chair, extend one leg out straight in front of you and hold for two seconds. Then raise it up as high as you can, and hold it again for two seconds. Repeat with each leg 15 times."

Stretching is an exercise that you can do in your office. Slowly tilt your head toward your shoulders, hold for 10 seconds and repeat alternating sides.

Add strength to your shoulders by rolling both shoulders forward in a circular motion, then roll both shoulders backward in a circular motion. Repeat ten times.

Taking a walk outdoors during a coffee break or lunch break can help refresh you during the workday. Use stairs instead of the elevator for exercise.


June 30, 2014 - 5:13pm


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