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Hello Anonymous,

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Have you spoken with your gynecologist about the level of pain you experience during a pelvic exam?

For the benefit of all our readers, vulvar vestibulitis syndrome is a subset of vulvodynia that is characterized by severe pain during attempted vaginal entry , tenderness to pressure localized to the vulvar vestibule and redness of the vulvar vestibule.

Anonymous, do you experience pain only during the insertion of the speculum and use of the cotton swab during a pelvic exam with pap smear? Or do you have pain during sexual intercourse or insertion of a tampon as well?

There are treatment options. Particularly, use of lidocaine gel applied prior to the exam would numb the area and eliminate the pain temporarily.

Some physicians prescribe steroid ointmenst to be applied thinly to the areas of discomfort. However, overuse may result in thinning of the skin that will make your problem worse rather than helping it.

Anonymous, please talk with your gynecologist. You should not be suffering when there are available treatments.


October 27, 2014 - 8:59am


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