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Hello Eve,

Welcome to the EmpowHER community and thank you for reaching out to us for advice.

Indeed, you have suffered a great deal. But you have triumphed over these obstacles and are in a better emotional and physical place in your life.

I can appreciate your desire to know if indeed your father has Asperger syndrome.

Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) considered to be on the “high functioning” end of the spectrum. Affected children and adults have difficulty with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and/or repetitive behaviors.

Eve, you cannot make the diagnosis. Asperger sydrome diagnosis is generally made by a process of neurological and genetic assessment, cognitive and language testing, and assessment of communication strengths and weaknesses. The assessment depends on the skills of a team comprised of a team that generally includes a psychologist, neurologist, and psychiatrist.

My advice is to let the past go and live your life independently of your father's influence.


November 24, 2014 - 10:30am


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