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Ringworm of the scalp, tinea capitis, is not caused by a worm but by a fungus infection and is named for the ring-like or circular appearance of the infection on the skin.

Please consult your physician and follow your doctor's recommendation. I can provide you with general treatment information.

Begin with shampoo. Shampoo with selenium sulfide (1%-2.5%), zinc pyrithione (1%-2%), or ketoconazole used two to three times weekly at home can help decrease shedding of spores, decrease spread of the infection to other people, and should be used together with the oral medications. Shampoos include Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment, Selsun, Selsun Blue, Selsun Gold for Women, and Nizoral. Stronger medicated shampoos are sometimes prescribed by doctors, but in general, over-the-counter shampoos can be used.

Hairbrushes and combs should be replaced or cleansed with disinfectant such as bleach solution. Bleach solution can be made by combining one part bleach to one part water, then soak the hairbrushes or combs for one hour daily for the first three days after using the shampoo and oral medication.

Scalp ringworm must be treated systemically (with medicine that spreads throughout the body) with oral medications to penetrate the hair follicle and eliminate the scalp ringworm.
Griseofulvin is an antifungal antibiotic used to treat ringworm. Your doctor may prescribed this.


May 15, 2015 - 10:03am


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