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Hello Anonymous,

In addition to the information provided in the recommended article, "Simple or Complex: The Different Types of Ovarian Cysts", here is some facts that may better help you understand your diagnosis of bilateral complex ovarian cysts.

Complex ovarian cysts occur less frequently and are not related to the normal menstrual cycle. These are generally harmless or benign.

Has your physician told you which type of complex ovarian cysts you have?

Dermoid cysts -These are the most common type and develop during the childbearing age. The cysts contain structures such as the teeth, hair, nail, bone, or sweat glands. It is a slow growing and rarely cancerous. It causes significant pain when the cyst twists.

Complex ovarian cyst, unlike a functional ovarian cyst does not start during the normal function of a menstrual cycle. The cause or causes have not been identified. There are several risk factors known to be associated with its formation:
genetic predisposition
early onset of menstruation (younger than 12 years)
history of irregular menstrual cycles or previous ovarian cysts
obesity or increase in upper body fat
infertility and infertility treatment
tamoxifen (for treatment of breast cancer)
cigarette smoking

Anonymous, have you had an appointment with your gynecologist to discuss this? I am assuming you had an ultrasound that showed the cysts.

If not, please schedule one. Your gynecologist will recommend any intervention.

I am also assuming the measurements are in centimeters. If so, the cysts are large.

Surgery is recommended if the cyst is large, causes symptoms, does not disappear after two or three menstrual cycles or continues to grow, in women who are near menopause or has had menopause, and those with complex ovarian cyst that does not disappear. The types of surgery are exploratory laparotomy and pelvic laparoscopy.

I hope this information provides a clearer understanding of your diagnosis.


June 25, 2015 - 8:19am


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