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2 negative pregnancy tests, still no period, could i still be pregnant?

By October 28, 2009 - 11:36am
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Heres my story,
I had my period the last week of september approximately september 22nd it lasted for about 5-7 days and my cycle lenght is 28 days which means i was expecting to start my period on the 20th of october.

i never recieved my period, but i decided to wait to take a pregnancy test because i felt that it was still too soon.

Last friday the 23rd of october i decided to buy a PT, because i thought for sure that if i was pregnant a test would now be able to detect it. I bought 2 tests from the local dollar store. I took one right away at about 6:30 pm, it was negative, i took the second test in the morning using first morning urine, that also came out negative. i am now over a week late and still no period or signs of my period.

Is it really a possibility that i had 2 false negatives? what could the problem be?

I have noticed some changes in my body such as sore/tender nipples (not the whole breast), extream tiredness, more frequent trips to the bathroom, irritability, and i noticed that ive gained 5-10 lbs since i last went to the doctor in the begining of september.

Im so confused! am i pregnant? what if all the tests i take come up negative and i still dont get my period? I dont want to do any harm to my baby if i am pregnant? How common is a false negative?

Please help, thanks so much.

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Yes i could make an appointment today and go in the next few days possibly saturday if they are open, i work everyday except weekends so my schedule is limited on time.

I knew that antibiotics can affect BC, my boyfriend was the one who informed me of that. I also am aware that the pull out method is not a good back up method and that is my fault for not taking better precautions however i am on birth control and i guess i was naiive in thinking oh i wont get pregnant on im birth control. And as of now i guess im not pregnant. Im not scared or angry i just want to know if i should be happy that im having a baby or happy that im not because either way its a blessing. I just want to know. Having no period and 2 negative tests is just confusing me and messing with my head lol

thank you for responding so quickly i really appreciate it

October 28, 2009 - 12:52pm

My periods have always been pretty regular and my best girlfriend and i usually have the same cycle (which i learned is fairly common when u spend alot of time with someone, your cycles tend to regulate) she was expecting her period the same time as me and she got it and i still have not gotten mine.

My boyfriend and i choose not to use condoms and we rely on birth control and the pull out method. We have both been tested for STDs and have made a promise to stay faithful to eachother.

I have not been under any more stress than normal, I work a full-time job and im a very organized person almost on verg of O.C.D. lol and i love my job. I have a boyfiend who is wonderful and would give me the world if he could, and my family life is wonderful. I know that it probably has nothing to do with that.

The only changed medically wise are....I had surgery on the 2nd of october and i was instructed not to eat or drink after midnight the day before my surgery therefore i did not take my birthcontrol on the secod of october. I was also on antibiotics after my surgery to prevent the risk of infection. My boyfriend was aware of all of this. However we did sleep together on the 4th after my surgery and to best of my knowledge everyday following

Should i discontinue taking my birth control until i find out further information? will birth control harm the baby (if i am pregnant)?

Normally i would have bought a more well known brand of PT but i figured heck they all work the same and why spend 15 on one test when i can get 2 for 2 dollars lol

I can always tell when my period is going to come because i get very bad cramps that start in my lower stomach and go down into my thighs and across my back. I havent had any cramps so far and like i said im over a week late. And even if my cycle lenght was 30days i still would have started my period by now.

thanks for commenting me back let me know if u have anymore feedback

October 28, 2009 - 12:30pm
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