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Abnormal bleeding is making me worried. Any help?

By Anonymous July 8, 2010 - 6:34am
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My last period was on Jun11th. I have not had unprotected sex, & I am on birth control. On the night of Jul5th, I experienced some bleeding, so I had put a pad on just in case. The next day I used the bathroom and it was gone. No more red blood, just a dark brown that looked like "old blood." I had what felt like cramping that night, but still no blood. Last night, the 7th, after coming home from Tahitian practice, I had used the bathroom and once again, had some blood. I stayed waiting on the toilet to see if any more bleeding would occur. And to my surprise I was flowing like any other period I've had. I knew i wasn't dreaming, because I had wiped and there it was. Enough to make me believe it was my period. Again, I had placed a pad on. This morning, Jul8th, I was shocked as to what i was seeing. Nothing but a small spot of dried up blood. Idk what is happening, and I'm real worried. On Apr5th, I had sex, but a condom was used and I have been on birth control since Sep 2009. I don't think I'm pregnant, just confused what is happening. Also, since the beginning of the summer I HAVE been eating differently and exercising on a daily basis along with the harsh Tahitian every week to tone up. I hope someone can help me asap. It would be very much appreciated(=

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Thank you for your help! And to answer your question, I usually get my period within the last 4 reminder pills in a 28 day pack. I also have another question to ask if that's alright. I wasn't sure whether to count my previous period that I had told you about on the 5th, because I did not start to get a normal flow until the 10th ; which is usually when I would get my period. Then on July 15th of this month and yesterday, the 23rd, we had unprotected sex, but did not finish on both days. I have not missed any pills this month. And the only month I had missed 2 consecutive pills was back in May of this year. I know that the rate for getting pregnant off of "precum" is much less than if we were to go all the way, and unprotected. Although I am on bcp, and have been taking them properly, I was wondering if I had a higher risk of pregnancy at this point, especially since my bcp is a low dose pill. Thank you for all your help once again =)

July 24, 2010 - 5:13pm
(reply to Bri189)

Hi Bri189,
i wanted to let you know that I answered your question here: https://www.empowher.com/community/ask/could-i-be-pregnant-even-while-actively-taking-my-birth-control.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

July 25, 2010 - 8:17pm

Hi Bri189,
In regard to your weight, you're not out of the range of a healthy size. Congrats on trying to take better care of yourself. I can attest that I have had periods like that too. And the doctor's office has just told me that if it happens again next month, that I could make an appointment to get checked out. Generally speaking, I think, your period sounds fairly normal for being on birth control pills. You said your last one was on Jun 11th, and this one started on Jul 5th. That's 24 days, and within the range of a normal period. On which day of your cycle do you usually get your period? If this happening is a concern for you, don't be shy about calling your doctor's office and talking with the nurse.

July 9, 2010 - 8:17am

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your question. And thanks for being a part of the EmpowHer Community!
I have had weird periods like that too. It can mess with your mind a little. Sorry!
I've called my doctor in the past to ask, and they've told me to wait until next month, and if it's weird again, to make an appointment to see what could be going on. It's always a good idea to keep track of your periods just to make sure you know your cycle.
You know when you change your lifestyle (eating better, exercising more, etc.) it can affect your period. Are you normal weight for your height? Are you actively dieting? What kinds of foods are you eating more of as opposed to before? Have you been sick lately? Are you taking any supplements or other medication other than birth control? Do you have any other symptoms besides for the irregular bleeding (ex., itching, burning sensation)?
And congrats on being so responsible in regard to birth control.
Here's a little article written by a fellow HerWriter about irregular periods, and when to call the doctor: https://www.empowher.com/menstrual-cycle/content/menstruation-whats-normal-and-whats-not
If you're really concerned, don't be too shy about calling the doctor's office and asking. They are there to service your health, use their knowledge if even just to ask a nurse. Please let us know if you find anything out.

July 8, 2010 - 8:36am
(reply to Christine Jeffries)

Thank you for your help =)
As of my weight, I am slightly over. I stand at 4'11 1/2" just below 5' and generally go between 112 - 115 lbs. My eating habits now aren't covering a strict diet plan, just me trying to eat healthier (no more junk food, fatty foods etc.). I've given up eating pork, and eat more fruits and vegetables now. I have not been sick in months, but did have to undergo another U.T.I., unfortunately, back in April. I am also not on any other medications other than my birth control. And at times I do itch, but not to an intolerable degree. Thank you once again for helping me with this situation.

I'd also like to add, even though this morning I had said I wasn't bleeding, this afternoon I began a flow AGAIN! It's real confusing because I do not know if I should be counting my period from last night when I first began to flow. This flowing and stopping kind of period situation has never happened to me before. Hopefully I'm ok?

July 8, 2010 - 8:57pm
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