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Are there any special weight loss tips for the 60 and older female population?

By June 27, 2010 - 6:17am
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I am 60 and battle with weight mostly because I am a carb addict. I strangle with cravings something I did not have when I was younger. How is the best way to overcome these cravings? I workout but do not loss weight. I am 5'2 and usually weigh 145 lbs. I Would to weigh 120 lbs. Can a woman in her sixties become lean and muscular? Help! I do not have my ovaries and use estrogen patches. Does this paly a role in my weigh and cravings?

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Hi over60!
Congrats on wanting to take care of yourself. And thanks for being a part of EmpowHer's community! So glad you decided to post and ask this ultra-important question. I agree with everything Alison said. Losing weight gets tougher as we age, but the thing to remember, I think, is that you CAN do it!

Here's an article about my own struggles, being smaller in stature like you, I can definitely relate. Only having 20-ish pounds to lose can sound easy, but it's super tough for us, I know: https://www.empowher.com/healthy-eating/content/christine-jeffries-about-lose-it

Just to reiterate some of Alison's points: Do what you love, modify your nutrition plan as needed (cut down on those bad carbs and other bad habits where ever you can), and most importantly--stick with it. If you haven't been active in the past, start small with only 10-15min. of walking, for example, but build on it as your body's tolerance for activity grows, and trust it will. You may want to dedicate a notebook or online resource like SparkPeople, Daily Plate, My Calorie Counter, etc. to keeping track of what your progress. An online resource also may help you connect with like-minded people working toward the similar weight loss goals. Adopt whatever plan you decide on as your new lifestyle. We all know fad diets and pills don't work, and can be risky depending on your health. Talk with your doctor or nurse practitioner, she/he will have excellent resources and ideas to help you in your particular case.
Can't wait to learn of your progress!

July 1, 2010 - 8:59am

I wish there were! Honestly, every generation wants to know if there are "weight loss tips", and the most boring, simple answer is this: expend more calories than you consume. That is the secret to weight loss.

It is not very exciting, and does take effort and commitment. But, it works and the effects are long-term. You not only become thinner, but more muscular AND healthier!

The best weight-loss advice:
1. Start with professionals. People shell out hundreds of dollars annually on weight loss pills and supplements, when the best place to spend money is on a personal trainer and a Registered Dietitian (R.D.). A Personal Trainer at a local gym can be reasonable; there are many local gyms that do not have contracts and are less than the cost of a daily lattes or scone! An R.D. can be referred by your primary care physician if you are overweight, and your health insurance may even cover the office visit (minus co-pay). An R.D. can help you with an eating plan that fits your individual needs (and, you can still eat your beloved carbs!).
2. Know your personality. What do you enjoy doing that is physical activity already? Long walks with your favorite music, or long walks with a favorite friend or pet? Do you like to dance, swim, hike? Do you enjoy sports (tennis, golf) or classes (aerobics, yoga)? Physical activity can be very fun, but you still need to commit to a routine on an almost-daily basis to lose weight. Get out there with a friend, or use this as much-needed alone time. Just get moving!
3. Make a plan. Add your physical activity (30-60 minutes, most days of the week) to your calendar, and stick to it like it is an important appointment that you can not miss. It is...it is a very important appointment with yourself FOR your health! What is more important than that?!

Lastly, many women have found success through Weight Watchers or similar programs, that can be done exclusively online (and you can chat with other women), or you can go to WW meetings in-person.

Let us know if you would like help finding a gym, class, workout group or health care professional in your area! There are many gyms, classes and workout groups for every age; www.meetup.com has great local workout groups as well!

There does seem to be a link between women who take estrogen and who have weight gain. The remedy is the same: expend more calories than you consume, and you will lose the weight over time.

The research does not suggest that estrogen patches cause carb cravings, but there does seem to be a negative cycle with cravings in the nutrition literature. When you become physical active, drink plenty of water and make better food choices, your body does not crave the sugars as much, and you prefer to consume your calories from food sources that will help sustain your new lifestyle. Again, it will not be easy, but you can do it! Talk with your doctor first, and let us know how you are doing!

June 27, 2010 - 12:35pm
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