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Could the HELLP syndrome be back or just Pre Eclampsia in general?

By May 21, 2012 - 8:07am
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I got diagnosed with the HELLP syndrome with my daughter after going to the doctor the thursday before and everything was normal then that Sunday my vision got so much worse. Turns out I had the HELLP syndrome without knowing it and no one caught it. Now this pregnancy it is the same spot where I had got diagnosed with it with my daughter. I had the heartburn beyond relief the last couple weeks where I am downing tums and the doctor just keeps trying these different prescriptions to help out with the heartburn and they aren't working. I drink water like crazy so it isn't that. Lately my blood pressure has been a little higher for me. The bottom number in the 80's and the top in the 130's. I usually have it around 120/70 or around there at the beginning it was 120/60. My doctor keeps just telling me everything is "normal" no one listens to the fact I have had the hellp syndrome and my vision is so off it is affecting my driving and school work. It causes me headaches and I have problems reading now. I don't know what to do. No one seems to listen to me and I am miserable. My ankles, feet, legs, and fingers are just so swollen lately where they form around my flip flops. I went to the er the other night just the er and my bp was 136/82 before I left the house then when I got there it was 131/96. I am so lost. I am trying to do everything good for my daughter and I don't want to have another rough delivery because of this. HELP?! Thank you. I am 37 weeks by the way.

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Doctor had me get blood work done a couple weeks ago. They just keep saying my vision disturbances are normal and the headaches are normal. Its not just blurred vision, its double and seeing spots here and there too. And it is very hard to remove my rings when they are actually big on me and you can see the indents once I finally get them off.

May 21, 2012 - 9:01am
(reply to AlysMommy)

Usually, when you don't hear back after blood results have returned it is because everything came back normal. Verify this by visiting or calling your doctor's office. 

Good Luck,


May 25, 2012 - 9:10am

Hi AlysMommy,

I'm sorry to hear about your worries. Try not to focus too much on your Blood Pressure numbers-- a BP of 131/96 and 136/82 are not a wide enough difference for medical staff to worry-- if take your blood pressure two different times back to back you won't be getting identical numbers every time. With Pre-eclampsia at 37 weeks your Blood Pressure would be MUCH higher. Blood Pressure will rise normally during pregnancy due to the increase in blood flow. 

A certain amount of swelling is also normal at this stage in your pregnancy, but if you cannot add or remove your rings on your fingers then this also warrants some looking into.

HELLP stands for:

H --hemolysis(the breakdown of red blood cells)

EL -- elevated liver enzymes

LP -- low platelet count

When was the last time your doctor ran blood tests on you? If he won't listen to your concerns over blurred vision and increased headaches, then please go to the Emergency Dept and have them run blood work on you.

Please keep us posted,


May 21, 2012 - 8:32am
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