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Could I be pregnant?

By Anonymous November 11, 2009 - 5:36pm
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I got my last period on October 8, 2009. And I was due for my other one around November 5th. I still havent gotten one, about 6 days later. I have used three pregnancy tests. All came out negative. The first two i took about a week and a half before my period was due. And I took the other one last night. Even though they all came out negative, I still think im pregnant. I just have the feeling I am. Ive never been pregnant before, so I could just be tricking myself into thinking I am. Please HELP!

P.S. my periods have always been very regular. i've only missed one, and that was when i was 13.

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Im still late and my stomach has been feeling extremely weird today. I keep having strong cravings for Salads and Slim Jims. I keep going on this website called mymonthlycycle.com, and it tells me i am extremely late. And I was looking on another website, and it told me that I had been ovulating the past couple times me and my boyfriend had sex. What do you think are my percentages are of being pregnant?

November 12, 2009 - 2:01pm
(reply to Anonymous)

I still think Diane's advice from yesterday is relevant.

If you are worried and can not wait any longer, do you have a regular gynecologist that you can call to make an appointment with?

Your mind is most likely playing tricks on you, as food cravings is not a tell-tale sign of pregnancy. The internet can be helpful, as well as harmful---many women read symptom after symptom of what they could possibly be feeling, and then they begin feeling these symptoms (or, they were feeling them, but now they are more pronounced). It happens to the best of us, so please stop worrying yourself sick!

The mymonthlycycle website is only a tool, and can not tell you anything for certain. Even the best ovulation kits must say they are "predictor kits" because there is no over-the-counter test or online quiz/"test" that you can take to know exactly when you are ovulating. They can only predict when you are most likely ovulating, and this is still a wide range of possible dates.

You mentioned that you and your boyfriend had sex during your most fertile times, and I'm wondering if you are you trying to become pregnant?

To answer your question about what your chances are: the more times you have unprotected sex, the more likely your chances of becoming pregnant. Most women are most fertile in the middle of their cycle, but this can be a 14+ day range.

November 12, 2009 - 2:34pm


The first two pregnancy tests don't really count -- you did them way too early to be able to tell anything. So the real situation is that you did one pregnancy test when you were five days late, and it showed up as negative.

This can be two things: One, you are pregnant and you don't yet have enough HCG (the pregnancy hormone) in your urine for the test to detect it; or two, you're just late with your period.

Even in women who have regular periods, it isn't at all uncommon to go late a few days every once in a while. Have there been any other changes in your life this month? Changes in diet, in medication, in your stress level or in your level of activity? Weight loss or gain? Extra pressure at school?

All of those things can affect our cycles sometimes, especially anxiety or worry.

Wait a few more days, and if your period doesn't come, try another HPT. If that is negative again, I would wait still a few more days, and if your period still doesn't start, see your doctor for a blood test. That will tell you for sure.

All the best, and please come back and update us!

November 12, 2009 - 9:23am
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