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Effectiveness of wearing a condom And putlling out?

By October 29, 2011 - 10:30pm
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chances of getting pregnant pulling out with condom on

Hello, my boyfriend is a very nervoys guy, he's worried that I could be pregnant even though we did everything we were supposed to do the right way and most importantly that we were protected.
I had sex with my boyfriend October,22. He was so worried that we used a total of 5 condoms that night because he lasted around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then, he came with a condom on and still pulled out and finished in my stomach, above my belly button. Then, he went and did the water test to all of the 5 condoms and none of them had a leak or any sings of breakage.

Then, we had sex again October 24, this time we only used one condom but he still pulled out even though he was using a condom, and came on my stomach above my belly button again and he still went and did the water test and saw no leaking any sings of breakage.
(Sorry for all the details).

The problem is that I have been telling him that we are perfectly fine that we did everything right but he is still worried because Im supposed to ovulate October, 29 and we had sex a couple of days before my ovulation date. However, I keep telling him not to worry about that everything is good and there is nothing worry about, because we used the condoms the proper way, plus he still pulled out which I think that was little extreme since he was using a condom, but well I understand him.

This is the first time we have sex during our relationship, and we sure dont want a baby, but I cannot seem to able to show him that we had sex with a condom and on and still pulled so the chance of a pregnancy happening are very slim. but he still says that he wont believe it until I have my period during the 2nd week of November, its supposed to come November, 10th, and I dont think I could be able to deal with his attitude until my next period starts.

This really makes me think that he doesnt trust me or believes what Im trying to explain him which makes me feel sad because like I have said before. I understand that he doesn't want a pregnancy right now, but we have done everything right!!! I still dont understand why he needs to act this way towards me.

Please ladies, help me out what can I do to make him feel better? and show him that we used a condom and even though there is a chance, they are very small. PLUS he pulled out so the chances become even smaller. PLUS he checked for any signs of leaking and there were not any signs visible. I really want him to understand because this has been really stressing during all this week.

Again Please, ladies what is the effectiveness of using a condom plus pulling out?
And what can I do to make him feel better and show him that we are perfectly fine, I dont really want that our great relatioship finish for a small problem like the one we are currently going through.

Thank you Empowher, I really appreciate your help!.


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EmpowHER Guest

hey guy i wanted to ask something im like your boyfriend im paranoid and overthinking easily
i had my first mens on sept 22 or 23 but those are the date my mens was gone 27sept and 28 sept not really sure but when we had sex in sept 28 there is no brown discharge on my previous mens so we had sex that time i first bj him (too detailed sorry) btw it was our first and we used a condom and it didnt last an hour or so just a minute then he didn't ejaculated yet so i asked him that lets stop and he pull out and i said i will make u cum by bj and hj and he agreed with it then he after that he cum inside my mouth. (sept 28 i dont feel well already and we had sex) next day i had fever and spotting because i bleed when he first inserted it in it last only 3days
and im worried if i could get pregnant with the precum because we did do the water test on the condom but he know what he is doing and he said to me that we did everything safe and correct and i had the symptoms start on sunday up to now but the doctor said i have a urinary tract infection and im taking an antibiotic 500mg
please help me and please help me not to think that im pregnant
(i did a pregnancy test on oct 13 - 14 two in the night and one in the morning of 14 it all went negative my next period should be this oct 19 or 20 something)

October 15, 2017 - 6:25am
EmpowHER Guest

May i ask if my girlfriend will get pregnant on her ovulation day (based on her tracker) even i used condom and pull out method? I also tested the condom, (100% not broken)
It really bothers me.

August 26, 2017 - 11:17pm
EmpowHER Guest

With condoms there is a 2% chance of pregnancy if used correctly. With the "pull out method" there is a 4% chance of pregnancy if done correctly. So if you do the math:
P(pregnancy w/ cond. & pull out)=
Numbers don't lie. There is a .08% chance of pregnancy if condoms and the pull out method are used together and correctly.

June 5, 2017 - 9:42am

You can share with him credible sources of information regarding facts about birth control methods and their effectiveness rate, and then you can understand that he may have not been emotionally ready to have sex. The most important aspect of a sexual relationship is trust, and this is not "about you" or him not trusting you. He is emotionally scared, not wanting to mess up, and knows enough about himself that he is not ready to have a baby. There is a lot of maturity on his part, and he also realizes that the only 100% effective way NOT to become pregnant is abstinence. There are VERY effective ways not to become pregnant: condoms are up to 98% effective, and that's highly effective. The other birth control methods that are highly effective are hormonal birth control options (such as the pill) which is 99% effective.

Share with him the statistics, and instead of trying to prove him wrong...be on his side and show him you trust him and his judgment, and understand his fear. Condoms are up to 98% effective, and he doubled-up on birth control methods by using the Withdrawal Method (or "pull out" method) which increases the effectiveness even greater. You can let him know how much you appreciate his thoughtfullness, his being concerned about both of your futures and your health. You can also suggest that while sex was (fill in the blank with positive description!), that perhaps waiting to have sex again, until after your period begins in mid-November would be best until you both trust the process more. There are many other things you can both do to show your physical affection and be intimate without having penile-to-vaginal intercourse (if his naked penis is near your naked vagina, however, please make sure he is wearing a condom, even if you do not intend to have sex....it can happen quickly in the heat of the moment!).

Here is a great resource that compares effectiveness rates of birth control options: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control-4211.htm

October 30, 2011 - 11:51am
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