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Gerd /Intestinal issues?

By April 27, 2011 - 8:59pm
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Hi there. I have had symtoms such as: Burping and passing gas rectally; (Sorry about being so graphic!) being nauseated within 2-4 hour's after eating, have regurgitated awful sour stuff in AM's that has burned/caused throat to temporairly be sore. When gassy, I also have tenderness that goes from just under left rib cage to my back, under shoulder blade area. I use to be terribly constipated. Last week had very loose oily stools. Now no more diarhhea stools, just soft stools that happen 3x in a morning within about 1 hours time. Gallbladder, Appendix, Hysterectomy done years ago, so these are not an issue. My doctor felt this to be a Virus 1.5 weeks ago when I was in to see him.

Over Easter weekend I ended up in the emergency room. with same symtoms seen at doctor for: Loose stools, pain under left rib area that went to back or more specifically shoulder area just below shoulder blade in back. They did labs and CT scan. CT scan did not show a thing, but they pulled a Colonoscopy done 2 years ago. (This at that time showed Diverticulosis.) The doctor in ER said, "Even though he did not see Diverticulitis on CT scan, this is still probable." He put me on two antibiotics for this (Metronidazole 500 mg and Ciprofloxacin 750 mg). However still nauseated (especially within 2-4 hour's after eating something); burping, soft stools, and regurgitating sour stuff into throat
Sometimes I think my doctor believes I am border line hypochondriac. However these symtoms I am having are not in my head! Yes I do admit due to being dioagnosed with BC in 7/09, I do become anxious over new medical issues. But isn't this being my own best health advocate too? I mean what I may think is immaterial, may be important to have checked and followed up on. But my doctor keeps saying: "Don't worry you are fine."
Also just a little about me: I am a Breast Cancer Survivor, diagnosed 7/09. I am on a pill for my Cancer called Femara and one of it's side affects can be blod clots so, my Oncologist has had me taking one chewable baby aspirn every day to help prevent blood clots. I stopped the baby aspirn 1 week ago to see if this was causing the stomach issues. (I have heard aspirn is hard on Gastro Intestinal areas.) However no change:(
Also because I am a 2 year BC survivor my anxiety levels do rise when I have, what I call unexplained medical things going on. I have heard that this anxiety gets better but, I myself have not yet experienced this. I can't help it but when unexplained/different medical issues come up for me, one always wonders is it Cancer?/is it back?
Any ideas on this current issue of: Gas, burping, regurgiatating sour/bitter stuff, pressure under left rib cage that radiates to my back left hand side under shoulder blade which is relieved some if I am able to burp/pass gas would be much appreciated.
This has affected my appetite in such a way that I am afraid to eat because, I usually end up nauseated within 4-6 hours, regurgitating sour/bitter stuff that burns throat. I do eat, but not like I use to. I have cut out all citrus drinks, fruits, coffee, tea and things I thought may irritate my current situation. I use to be a pretty heavy coffee drinker, about 1-2 pots a day.
I am sorry this is so long, but felt I really needed to explain what is currently going on. Thank you so much!

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I pretty much have the same issues and it driving me crazy I have constant gas especially when lieing in bed My gas is non stop when I am in bed trying to sleep I wake up every 20 minutes I have diareah every other day or so I can lie in bed for 12 hours and wake up exhausted My doctor did a ultra sound and am waiting for the results ASny info would be apprecciated.

January 3, 2013 - 6:09pm

Hi PegS,
Thank you for your question and for finding EmpowHER. So does your doctor still think you are suffering from gastritis, or does he think it's the diverticulitis? Have you discussed the possibility of GERD or other intestinal issues with your doctor? Have you started the baby aspirin again to safeguard from blood clots?
Sorry to ask so many questions--this is in effort to help you advocate for your health. I agree in my non-professional opinion that there is a fine line between advocating for your health and seeming like a hypochondriac. I even feel like one sometimes when it seems like the conditions are just piling up. It happens.
I have had GI issues off and on since childhood. I have definitely found that anxiety can intensify the IBS symptoms. Have you tried to limit your stress and see if you can balance out your system. Are you allowed to take a probiotic? Has a bland diet (banana, apple, rice, toast, yogurt, clear liquids like chicken soup and water) helped at all? Can you take an anti-diahhreal medication, or an antacid-type medicine to help?
We are not doctors here, and cannot diagnose you or tell you what to do. We can only provide more information to try to help you advocate for your health.
Here is the Gastritis treatment page that may provide some insight:
Good luck and let us know how you're doing.

April 28, 2011 - 6:32am
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