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hello, its the 36th day of my cycle and still no periods. I am really worried I am certainly not pregnant.

By Anonymous February 20, 2011 - 12:34am
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about 4 months before I had my periods on 19th August then I took medication as I did not have periods in September. all I had was brown discharge around 11 days before my cycle. I got my periods on 16th October after taking medication. Since then Ive had regular periods But this time again a delay. I had goined a gym a week back. Could that be a possible reason for the delay? What do I do? Should I wait for another 2 days?...also I am overweight 82 kgs at 5.2 inch. Please help...Had a pap smear about a month back It came normal.

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When you were prescribed medicine for your lack of menses (menstrual period) in September, what was your diagnosis? What type of medication were you prescribed, and what did your doctor say was the possible explanation for your amenorrhea (lack of period)?

Actually, were you diagnosed with amenorrhea?

Are you keeping your doctor informed about when you are having a period, when the medicine is helping, and when you are not getting your period? (I just want to make sure, as if your doctor does not hear back from you that you still do not have a period, s/he would assume everything is OK in the absence of a phone call).

February 20, 2011 - 8:14am
(reply to Alison Beaver)

Thanks for responding Alison, Infact i am in touch with my health care provider. She did not give me a specific reply for the absense of periods. Asked me to take a medicine for 5 days and wait to get my periods in september. Then I got my periods on the 16th of October. She did not do any physical examination before. I never had absense of periods before. after my daughters delivery (C-Section) in June I got my periods late september in 2009...and its just that in August 2010 I got them on the 19th . Then in September I started going for a brisk walk...and on the 7-8 September got brown mucos intially it was small as I saw it when urinating then it increased by the 14th september like staining my Panty( dark brown mucos Type). and then I went to show myself to doc..she did a physical examination and said I had some infection. she asked me to insert medicine. It became fine after tat but I did not get my periods in September. On taking med I got them on 16th October, then 15th November , then 17th December , then 16th January. Now Its 21st and still no sign, I do get that uneasy feeling like a possible starting of it but nothing happens. I am overweight Like 82 kgs and started gymming as in treadmill and some excercises past week. So do u think that could be the case, also did I have regular periods becoz of medicine ...and now the efect is over?

February 20, 2011 - 8:34am
(reply to Deepa28)

I'm glad to hear that you are in touch with your doctor, but it really does sound like you are OK after reading your additional information.

You have had periods every month, and you said you feel like your period may be starting for this month. Your last period began January 16th, so you still have time for your February period to begin (your period can be a week late, with no reason to worry).

If you do not know what medicine you are taking, or what type of infection you were diagnosed with, these are important pieces of information that you need to know. Please call your doctor's office and write down this information; it is also a good idea to get copies of test results in the future.

It is unlikely that beginning an exercise routine would cause your period to be late this month. If you had an infection in September, and this was your last physical examination, make sure your symptoms are no longer present. I am not sure when the last time you took "the medicine", but if you are no longer taking it--and you think your periods were regular because of the medicine--call your doctor and talk about what the purpose of the medicine is, how long you should take it, and how you know if you should take it again.

It is unclear if your regular periods were due to taking the medicine; I am not even sure what the medicine is. If you do not have a period in February, please call your doctor for further testing and diagnosis.

Let us know what information you find out from your doctor (what was written in your chart...you had some type of diagnosis written, in order for your doctor to prescribe you medicine for an infection and for lack of period).

If you would like us to help further...call your doctor, find out the information I asked above, and we can go from there! You may just want to wait a week, also...your period may start on its own!

February 20, 2011 - 9:57am
(reply to Alison Beaver)

Hi Alison..thats very kind of you to be soo prompt in ur response. I did some findings with the doctor.I had taken medicine in September( as I told u ) for the brown discharge. She gave me Candid V6 and a 5 day antibiotic. When I did not have periods in September I was given medicine to start the periods. I have unfortunately forgotten the name of medicine. My last pelvic examination was in January after my periods. I was asked for Papas Smear. She did a physical examination also. Was kind of trying to see if the infection is still there. She said it had healed.
Now I would like to tell you that since January I have been taking dose for lack of Vit MinD as I had pain in Joints and hairfall.in 1st week of feburary or perhaps last week of January I was supposed to take Vitamin D dose continuously for 7 days. Now its stopped am due to show my doc this week end. Do u think that could be a cause of delay?
I am sooo anxious.I am meeting my health care provider this weekend and the gyane too. I had a word over the phone. she told that they might consider putting me again on medicine since there might be hormonal imbalance. But I would go and show myself to her.
I am ashamed and embarrsed to tell you that Ive always feared diseases..I am kinda hypochondriac. since my periods are delayed ive been sitting on internet looking for possible causses of delay..and its scaring me all the more like all types of deadly diseases...
am really sorry but I have no one to talk about this....
Its 38th day and am frnatically waiting for my periods...I get those cramps...but when I check its nothing but my panty wet from vaginal fluids..no colour and no smell...
I am getting veryy paranoid...
and since after september I am not on any med. Besides , also fonrgot to tell you that me and my husband have very busy lives and we seldom hae sex. When we tried I had pain in Vagina which made me worry all the more. it was without intercourse like only when one is aroused. at times its not there at times its there.
My doc just checked me physically and said it was due to infection and that I might not be getting wet during arousal. But I feoel the pain at times even when I am wet like after orgasm too..so am soo confused but this time it was not here. Do u think all these things are related. Am extremely sorry to bother you.

I hope u understand...
would be waiting for ur response.

February 22, 2011 - 4:52am
(reply to Deepa28)

I'm glad you wrote back, and we can talk about your symptoms as much as you like..that's why we are here!

It sounds like your doctors are taking your symptoms very seriously, and are treating you well.

Since you are seeing your doctors soon, here is the information I gathered from your post above:
1. Your doctor had previously diagnosed you with an infection (September), and gave you antibiotics. It is important for you to ask questions, including:
a) What type of infection am I diagnosed with?
b) Can I have a copy of the lab test results for my files?
c) How soon should I expect relief from my symptoms?
d) What is this treatment side effects (if any)?

I am confused, as you said you had a Pap Smear in January, and the infection has healed. However, you said the doctor just checked you and said that the pain you are experiencing from intercourse is most likely due to infection.

- Do you currently have an infection?
- If you were not diagnosed with an infection in January, are you still experiencing pain with intercourse now?
- Have you talked with your doctor about your continued symptoms (pain, discharge)

2. Your doctor thinks you may have a hormonal imbalance, and wants to put you on medicine again. Please ask a lot of questions:
a) What diagnostic testing needs to be done, to determine what types of hormonal imbalances I may have?
b) What type of medicine can treat these hormonal imbalances?
c) What are the side effects of this medicine?
d) How quickly should I have relief in symptoms?
e) How long do I take this medicine, and what are the next steps?

It sounds like you may have a delay in your period from hormonal imbalances, if this is what your doctor is assuming. It is only an assumption without a proper diagnosis, so please be assertive in asking for testing before taking any additional medication.

Women do miss periods, and this can be common. Missing a period (or even two) does not have to indicate a medical condition, although it might. In fact, it is so common for women to miss a period (with no pregnancy or poor health implication) that there is actually not a medical term until a woman misses three periods in-a-row, and it is called amenorrhea.

You can decide not to feel "kinda hypochondriac" as you described, because yes...you can read ANYTHING on the internet, and heaven forbid anyone has a sneeze...it could be dust or impending death! :-) All we can do is educate ourselves, know our bodies (keep an excellent, detailed journal about your symptoms, diet, exercise, mood, etc).

Lastly, I assume all of your Pap Smears have come back normal?

February 22, 2011 - 2:27pm
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