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I have been feeling blue a lot lately. I cry on certain topics. I cry when I am about to eat.Sometimes I get pains in my stomach when I am blue and try to swallow. I get lumps in my throat and the tears fall down while eating sometimes.

By Anonymous October 29, 2011 - 10:58pm
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I lost a niece in July to drowning. And, then a nephew was shot and killed September. Then to top it off my job dropped a hugh negative action on me a weeks ago. I cried in grief during the deaths of my family. However, once I received the news from employer, it was as if my world was sprialling downward. I didn't want to leave the house on talk with anyone. I am usually an outgoing person, so I knew if, I went around people they would know something was wrong. So, I hid in the house and turned off my phone. After, 3 days of not going to work or out of the house, I began to feel some better. Should I be concerned?

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You want the blunt truth or sugarcoated?

January 5, 2012 - 7:53pm
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m a 16years old gal.....i hve a boyfnd elder to me 1 year.....v r in a reltnshp since 5 years.......first he usd to speak wid gals n i wud b ok wid it.....but nw wen he speaks i dnt undrstnd y do i get hurt n instantly i get angry n get hurtd to a bad xtent n start crying....i dnt undrstnd y hve i bcum ovr posesive for him.....i dnt knw how to control myslf n try to stp geting hurt....nowadays i get very fast frustred....pls gve me sum sugstions hw to b les posesve for my boyfrnd.....n stp hurting myslf to a gr8 xtent.....i jus wnt to knw hw to divert my mind frm him a litle...bit...pls help.........i dnt undrstnd wat to do...???? i feel m bcumin mad.....

December 29, 2011 - 9:19am
EmpowHER Guest

Dear Anonymous,

Its pretty sad that you lost some relatives who were very young, is natural to die when we get really old or parents dying first then their kids.The only certainty of life is death, is the only think we are sure in this life but when it occurs we got overwhelmed, we don`t accept death, we are not ready to face them.Do you believe all the love you have for each other is gone and vanished with their bodies...,,and if they are somewhere now safe and happy.....,,i`m sure they are cause i`have seen this place and is beautiful, we are not only bodies, our consciousness use this earthly body to experience this reality of slow vibrations, all is made of energy, matter is energy condensed, light is radiant energy, there are many things out there we can`t sense nor perceive, cause our senses are limited for example, our eyes can`t see the radiation going to a mobile phone, you talk on the mobile but you don`t see that energy, our eyes can`t see x-rays, radiation....I had an accident when i was 16 years old, now i`m thirty, i live in Brazil and i am Brazilian, well i was run over by a car, i saw my body lying on the streets i saw when they took me out, i was taken to a place of extremely peace and happiness, a place where nobody judge you , a place of pure love, so then i came back and understood I AM NOT A BODY! i am a spiritual being living in a human body during a certain period of earthly life, the information about where i am from, why i am here, why i have to pass through those experiences in this life ,is not stored in my brain, the brain is just a biological device where consciousness manifest, your brain is not the producer of consciousness but the receiver of consciousness like an cell phone receive and manifest the invisible sign that after is translated int voice!!! brain is limited to this material world of slow vibration.After this experience since then, i have been having many out-of-body experiences, after that when i was already home i woke up in the middle of the night and saw my body lying on the bed, our senses there are much more developed, you see better you listen better you understand without words....researching about what was going on to me, i found out that everybody goes out-of-the bodies when we sleep but most people are not conscious during the process , what happen is the following when we sleep our metabolism slow down, our spiritual body which carries our consciousness which is made of subtle energy which is ethereal which vibrates in a much higher frequency than matter, so when we sleep it naturally separates from the body whether we`re conscious or not, but the experience doesn`t happen in the brain to remember the experience, we have to go out of our body conscious or and go back conscious...HOW TO DO THAT!!!!! just use your will power, self suggest yourself before sleeping, pray to whatever god you believe with all your heart that you want to see this reality, some symptoms many people have, which are of out-of body experience symptoms--

They dream they are slipping or falling and wake up feeling a sudden and strong pulling back to their bodies

They wake up and feel paralyzed in their beds, they try to move try to wake up, try to scream but just can move

If you don`t believe on what i`m saying try to yourself have your own experiences, life is not only this world, our senses are limited and what happened to your family had to happen anyway , nothing is out purpose, you can find out if your courageous enough to face the truth the truth will be shown to you!! just have to have willpower self suggesting before going to sleep, pray for what you believe and ask sincerely to see this world which is the truly one, all of us are afraid of death but death will eventually happens whether we are ready or not, everybody will face diseases and death of relatives whether ready or not but until there we go on living our lives in a comfort zone, in a world of illusions and fantasies, longing to live an outside world and lacking our own inside world our own consciousness.WE ARE NOT ONLY MEAT BODIES WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE

November 14, 2011 - 1:30pm
EmpowHER Guest

Hi Anonymous,
Welcome to EmpowHer and thank you for your question. I am very sorry that you have lost your family members and the bad information from your employer. It would certainly appear that you have shut out the world and probably experiencing a bout of depression. Are you familiar with any support groups in your area? Loss of family members can be certainly be a painful predicament and obtaining help would be beneficial to talk to others about loss.

You are pretty quiet about your work issue so I am not sure what happened but I will assume you are still working and hopefully whatever the problem was, will resolve in time. You may want to go to your physician and ask him/her help at this time just to get you through tough times as they usually are acute in nature. I hope this helps and maybe even finding our site and just writing to someone has helped also. We are always here to listen so please come back anytime.


October 30, 2011 - 12:18pm
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