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I'm 17, my boyfriend is 15. Our relationship will soon be considered illegal or "wrong"?

By October 14, 2011 - 9:52pm
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I am so in love with my new boyfriend, but there is a over a 2 year age difference. We started dating 2 weeks ago, it was the best day of my life. The thing is..I don't even look my age. I've heard that from many people and I believe it myself. He's taller than me also. People say we look great together, like theres no age difference at all. Like hes actually older than me! But he's not and I can't help but not feel right about this. My mom talks about this with me and I feel like a freak and I don't belong with him. It breaks my heart to think I would need to break off such a great relationship because of this age difference. I can't help but feel insecure in this now. He says it dosen't matter at all and he loves me more than anything else. I'm so confused..

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EmpowHER Guest

In the same boat as you Hun. Trust me. Couldn't give a monkeys what people say tbf with you. Go with the flow. You have feelings for each other and it's those feelings that matter - not what others feel. I personally am so happy that the age doesn't even affect me. I respect he may be a tad younger & that's okay. I'm just happy to see him smile❤️

February 3, 2016 - 11:30pm
EmpowHER Guest

I hope gays can comment but i'm 23 and. my boyfriend is 17 turnin 18 next week should i care about what people think and should i let them run my life? I also have anxeity and depression so i dont know ht too think right now especiallyy after having my house broken into.

November 24, 2014 - 5:52pm
EmpowHER Guest

I'm 15, 16 in January and my boyfriend is 17. If you're both in love then what's wrong with it? People say its wrong for me and him to be together but we stay together, nobody is going to change our feelings. Do what makes you happy. However, if you don't feel comfortable then you should do what you want! You're not the only one with an older/ younger partner!xx

November 10, 2014 - 4:04am
(reply to Anonymous)

Im 15 turning 16 in November and my boyfriend is 17.People say hes gonna have to end our relationship because hes gonna be 18 before im 17. Is it illegal for us to be together? The age of consent in Michigan is 16.

September 19, 2017 - 4:50pm
EmpowHER Guest

Well Suspriria,

Bas news, here is the law of your state General Laws of Massachusetts Part IV Crimes, Punishments and Poceedings in Criminal Cases

Chapter 272: Section 4. Inducing person under eighteen to have sexual intercourse

Whoever induces any person under 18 years of age of chaste life to have unlawful sexual intercourse shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than three years or in a jail or house of correction for not more than two and one-half years or by a fine of not more than $1,000 or by both such fine and imprisonment.

I understand your concern and I certainly do not agree since when we all start dating, there is little chance that each person will turn 18 at the same time. I would be considerate of the law, talk to both parents involved (yours and his). The only time there are criminal charges, is when someone complains about the relationship - therefore, if everyone is in contention, I don't think you will have an issue.

I hope this helps and be careful.


October 16, 2011 - 9:10am
EmpowHER Guest

Hi Suspira,

What State do you live in?


October 15, 2011 - 9:14am
EmpowHER Guest

I dated a guy that was 2 1/2 years younger than me for 2 years. We broke up because he cheated on me with a girl who had just turned 13. I'm 20 now, and he just turned 18, too. when we dated, i met him when he was 14, and I was 16. If you're uncomfortable with it, I don't think you should stay with him because then it will become a problem in your relationship that you won't stop thinking about.
Remember, he is younger than you. You will change and mature much faster than him. When you go to college, he probably will still be in that "highschool" mindset. You might not find the same interests anymore..you may even meet different people.
Just keep in mind that he is a kid, and you will soon be a legal adult--so things will change when you go to college..if you're going.
When my ex and I broke up,he cheated on me with a girl who had just turned 13. I found it repulsive because I was older (17 when that happened). I can't stress enough that he is only 15. He's got a couple more years left in highschool.either way,when my ex cheated on me, itwas almost 2 1/2 years ago, I've been with the guy im with now for 2 years. And now, he is the older one, he is 23. A friend of mine is in her 2nd year of college and her bf just turned 16. To me, that is not okay. I find it's better to be with a guy a little older than when before i preferred a little younger (because I was still in their mindset). Now things have changed. A little bit of an age difference shouldn't matter if you love him. Just expect the unexpected, and everything is always wonderful in the first couple weeks of a relationship, it depends on if it stays that way.

October 15, 2011 - 6:11am
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