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PMS Symptoms Suddenly Stopped!

By November 11, 2009 - 12:39am
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Well I was due on my period on Tuesday 10th Nov, I never came on, I was having my normal PMS signs which started about a week before my period was due, which is mainly just feeling bloated and swollen and sore breasts, only difference this month was i didnt feel as bloated as i usually do, my breasts weren't as sore or swollen either, thing is today (day after my period is due) my breasts felt completely fine, no pain, just tender and no swelling. Me and my fiance are trying for a baby so I am keeping my fingers crossed but can anyone please explain why this may of happened?


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Hello please I need help my last period was late and I have a period tracker that detects it and it detected it to be late! Sometimes my period gets late but I feel very worried now as I'm not getting any swollen breasts and soreness on my breast like i usually do on my period like a week before my period is due in 3 days and recently I've been feeling nauseous at night every night at 7, 8,9.. I was urinating frequently before but now my body is back to normal I've been palpating my tummy but I feel no pain I'm under no stress now so i shouldn't have a missed period I'm just scared and hoping I get my period cause I cant be pregnant now and the last time me and my boyfriend made out was late May and I'm a virgin we humped on his boxers and panties and we where really wet he did not touch his dick so no sperm.. im just scared that i may be pregnant cause ive gotten like 2 pregnancy sypmtoms and yes when i press my breast a clear like fluid comes out it isnt that much tho

July 12, 2017 - 5:27am

I'm 37 years old and I've had my tubes clamped at age 24. For the longest time my breasts would swell up and hurt about a week to a week and a half before my period would start. Out of nowhere last month my breast never swelled nor hurt and my period just started. This month seems to be the same way I have not felt any pain or discomfort in my breast and I have not started my period yet. What would be the reason my symptoms would just all of a sudden stop?

October 16, 2015 - 1:56am

Well I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came back negative. I still haven't come on my period, to be honest my body doesn't feel like my period is going to come.

My periods have various patterns i'll be irregular for a few months and regular for a few months, but to be honest for the past year or so my periods have been very regular, it's sorted itself out as i've got older, I first started my period when I was 12, i was told then by the doctor that my body wasn't ready and that was the reason why i was irregular.

I've been told by several people that my mood swings are getting worse which isn't nice to be told, and my breasts are still tender, i know them symptoms can either be PMS or pregnancy but the only other obvious sign which i have really noticed that, i'd say for the past 3 weeks i've been waking up during the night to go to the toilet, now that is very strange because i NEVER wake up in the night for anything, i've also been needing the toilet like every 2 hours even if i havent had a drink.


November 12, 2009 - 2:27am
(reply to Hayley-Bjon)

It's stressful to try to conceive, and be in the moment of "not knowing", even with a negative HPT you still want the reassurance of a period, of course!

Since your period is only a few days late, give it another week. Many women experience a late period, or even a missed period, and this can be normal. Sorry to tell you to wait some more, but even worrying or stressing over your period can cause some delay.

Are you interested in any information about conception, since you are your fiance are trying to have a baby? How long have you been trying? When was the last time you went to your gynecologist for an annual check-up? (I'm asking, because many doctors would want to see you before you become pregnant to get some baseline information, talk with you about prenatal vitamins, etc).

November 12, 2009 - 3:12pm
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