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Prescription Drug Use as a Study-Aid or Cognitive Enhancer

By April 10, 2008 - 3:00pm
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What do you think about prescription drug misuse becoming more common? Do you have experience with this, either yourself or someone you know?

The misuse of prescription drugs ("misuse" means using a drug for a reason other than what it was prescribed for and/or a person using the drug that was prescribed to someone other than themselves) is on the rise, and are being used as study aids, cognitive-enhancers (to boost concentration, focus, attention). What do you think about the dangers, side effects or other negative consequences?

One parent in an article mentioned that "if other parents are giving their children an academic "boost" via prescriptions, that they don't want their child to be "left behind". What do you think about that?! Beyond the obvious dangers, etc... are academics this competitive that parents are thinking about drugging their children?

I remember my first week, living in the dorm as a college student, away from my parents for the first time... the school gave us all "welcome baskets"...and inside was a sample of No-Doz...no kidding! Times have changed (Universities don't give out drugs, or allow companies to include "samples" anymore to their freshman...), but I didn't realize how AWFUL the consequences would be once I tried them! I was up late studying, and decided to try a No-Doz. It made me physically jittery and unable to concentrate. My eyes were still heavy and "sleepy", but I couldn't sleep with the jitters. It was the worst possible side effect...not able to study or sleep!

So, now, many students are using drugs to help them study more than ever... what are your experiences?

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EmpowHER Guest

Yes I knew the meaning of misuse of prescription drug because I have very bad experience on this. I had a friend who has expired. He had started to take drug for some specific reason but after some time they became addicts. Really parent should give full of attention when their child takes drug in under prescription because this misuse would be more harmful.

September 21, 2011 - 1:02am

I know that Adderall, an ADD medicine, is extremely popular as a study aid and etc. on high school and college campuses right now. Adderall is an amphetamine and a stimulant. In a brain with ADD, they actually calm the distractions and enable the person to focus. In a brain without ADD, they act completely as stimulants. A high-cost prescription No-Doz, if you will.

What amazes me is how much of it is apparently available. Adderall (and other narcotics) is a federally controlled substance. which means the prescriptions are more tightly supervised in terms of number and timing. No refills are possible; no phone-ins are possible. Each prescription must be handwritten by your doctor. What that means is that there are an awful lot of people lying about their symptoms monthly to doctors in order to get this drug to sell it secondhand.

I take ADD drugs because I have ADD, and I have been caught a few times without my medicine for a few days because of overlapping state and federal regulations. You have to really keep up with it in order to keep your meds on the proper schedule. So not only is this medically dangerous for people without ADD, it's a bit difficult to do.

And yet abuse is apparently rampant. Clearly, it's not tightly enough controlled even yet.

December 3, 2009 - 9:23am

I took Sibutramine before not only to help me loose weight but also because I discovered it incredibly helped me to concentrate on my work, it helped me to sleep less hours and it gave me a boost of energy. Of course, the side effects are awful, I became incredibly aggressive, anxious, stressful, definitely it doesn't worth it.

December 2, 2009 - 4:18pm

In addition to coupons for local restaurants, a campus map and a key chain, No Doz was also in my college goodie bag. The last thing an 18-year-old needs is something to feel more amped. People at that age seem to be at the height of energy!

I did try it a couple of times, though and frankly, it wasn't for me. I had the same reaction you did Alison, jittery but also agitated. Everything seemed to make me angry.

Have noticed a lot of kids (including highschoolers) swilling energy-enhancing drinks and have heard people tell me it really helps their energy and concentration. Personally, I'll leave it to someone else.

On the other side, a few years ago, at least here in the Phoenix area, prescription drug abuse of a different kind was growing in popularity in schools.

Apparently, teens were raiding their parents' medicine cabinets looking for downers. There was one story out here involving kids who had started what authorities called a SOMA ring. They apparently made the three-hour drive to Mexico to load up on the stuff and began selling it around campus.

Sometimes, anything to not feel like yourself...or what we perceive as a better version.

April 11, 2008 - 12:23pm
(reply to Tina Tran)

It's better to use a supplement like Piracetam to replace Caffeine (this is in No-Doz maybe 200mg per dose). If you truly want to gather enough energy to study, proper sleepings habits will benefit the situation much more effectively. Improving memory can be obtained by using supplements that act on the (ACh) Acetylcholine receptors which are implicated in memory progression and processes. Piracetam stimualtes and elevates the activities and functions of the (ACh) Acetylcholine receptors. This would be the proper study-aid for memory improvement and knowledge retention in my honest opinion. I would like to explain more about the use of Piracetam, but much more information can be found at http://www.smartdrugsforthought.com/what-is-piracetam A proper sleeping schedule and diet routine will likely be a great start to better study habits. - Thank you

March 10, 2012 - 12:39am
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