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severe nipple pain/burning/*bleeding???* (never had the last one before...)

By Anonymous January 13, 2010 - 9:19pm
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Soooo, a few nights ago, I had sex for the first time in about 4 or 5 months, after which I had some vaginal pain/burning on the outside, which I'm used to after having gone for awhile w/o having sex, but that was the only thing that was even slightly hurting/bothering me.

Anyway, I'm not much one for morning sex, so my partner is working on persuading me otherwise, and while sucking my nipples (which felt great the night before), all of a sudden (in that, it wasn't that they were sore, and then it got worse and worse; it was literally, "Mmm, this feels ni- OUCHOUCHOUCH!!!") they start to hurt/burn/sting like I've never experienced before, so much so that after I go, "Yeeks, that's enough!!", I'm curled up in the fetal position, squishing my arms as hard as I can into my breasts to try and dull the pain, and it's a good 10-15 minutes before it subsides enough to uncurl. Ever since then (3 days or so), they've still been incredibly painful (there's been a lot of breast-squishing). I've experienced *really* sore nipples from rough partners before, but it's never lasted more than an hour or so, if even that long. So I was examining them more closely a little earlier, and picked at something that just looked like dried gunk, which caused one of them to start bleeding, and that has NEVER happened to me before!

I just started my period yesterday, but I've never had nipple soreness associated w/ getting it. It is really cold and dry out, and I just moved out of my old apartment over the weekend, so it might be the friction of moving boxes + the cold/dry weather + an over-eager partner, but I've had similar combinations of those factors before w/ no problems, so it's got me a little freaked out, and I guess I'm just looking for a little reassurance that this is fairly normal, or if it isn't, what's going on, and what should I do? I'm only 22, so I haven't had a ton of experience w/ these kinds of problems, and understandably feel a little awkward posting questions about it online... =\

Anyway, anything anyone can offer in the way of reassurance/information would be super appreciated! Thanks for looking at my problem, and I hope everyone's having a pleasant night! =)


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Hi, Anon,

Welcome to EmpowHER, and thanks so much for your question.

Can you answer a few questions for me?

Is it JUST the nipples that hurt? And it's both of them, right? Or are your breasts tender as well?

When you picked at the dried gunk and it started to bleed, was that right in the center of your nipple? Like out on the tip? Or was it somewhere else?

DId it bleed sort of like a pimple bleeds when we pick at it? Or did it seem different than that in any way (like, it bled more, or it seemed more fluid-y than regular blood, or just anything else).

Do you have any redness or other discoloration on your breasts anywhere? Like a rash? Or any puckering, like a small dimple?

Please let us know a bit more and we'll see what we can find. From what you describe, yes, it could be a combination of PMS, cold weather, an overeager boyfriend and the extra friction/rubbing that moving could have caused. But with our breasts, we always want to be cautious that something else isn't going on.

So glad you wrote. Let's see if we can help you figure this out.

January 14, 2010 - 9:34am
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Anonymous (reply to Diane Porter)

Hi Diane!

I hope u can help me.. i was looking for an answer for a similar problem...
My husband loves to bite me everywhere possible esp my nipples and squeeze them like crazy... its so pleasurable for both of us. We've been like this since day one of our sex life (its been 2 yrs now). Off late from the past 3-4 months (we are having crazy hot steamy intense breast sucking/nibbling/squeezing/pinching/pulling the nipple sessions) i noticed slight irritation on the right nipple (usually the right one gets good attention) after sex. Few times it bled slightly and one day the right nipple was like half cut kinda on the outside - the round edges, it healed naturally with coconut oil application a few times, but what i did notice was the nipple skin has become slightly thinner than before, after the healing process.

It was scary for both of us and we are trying to avoid this area since then.However, after that incident whenever he even slightly squeezes it or rubs his hands on my nipples it gives me a burning feeling. Yesterday again there was a slight cut and blood on my left nipple. Am stating to get worried and everything on the internet is making my head spin.

Please help.


November 22, 2013 - 6:45am
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