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Should I be worried about being pregnant?

By August 25, 2009 - 12:05pm
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I noticed that you seem to be an expert on birth control so i wanted to ask for advice.
I have been on ortho tricylcen for about 2 years. During the last 2 days that I was suppose to take the pill I did not because I was sick and throwing up (not pregnant just hung over) so I thought there was no point taking them so 7 days from taking the last pill which was on aug 13 even though it was suppose to be aug 15 I went onto a new pack. So I did wait 7 days not 9 days before taking the pill. Anyway me and the bf were fooling around and it went in me but then i realized what I had done with the birth control and told him to put on a condom. Should I be worried?
Oh my period also came Aug 16 and ended this friday if that helps

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I've taken Plan B before this year so I'm just worried if theres are any long term side effects? I saw someone who posted on this website about it causing infertlity?

August 25, 2009 - 7:58pm

Yes Alison it was only a few seconds.
I called the nurse and she said to use another form of backup for this month. She didnt tell me whether i should take the morning after pill or not she said it was up to me. So that wasnt much help so I'm still confused!

August 25, 2009 - 4:49pm
(reply to Nessa1986)

oh no--I'm sorry you are still confused!

In my experience, nurses will not hesitate to tell you to take Plan B, if they are at all worried. You can take that as a good sign. I'm surprised by her suggestion of using back up for an entire month...that seems extreme.

Honestly, if intercourse was mere seconds, then he used a condom...that's just such a rare instance that a woman would become pregnant, coupled with the fact that you did have 4 days' worth of hormones in your system. I was curious if the nurse knew if the "7 days of back up method" detailed in the pill instruction sheet is being conservative (if they could get away with saying to use a condom for 3-4 days, but they are on the safe side by saying a full week). I don't know the answer to this question, and we'll ask an expert for future...which will not help you now.

From what you describe, you were most likely protected from an unwanted pregnancy with 4 days' of hormones plus a literal few seconds of unprotected sex, followed by immediate condom use. I would assume most health care professionals would agree that your chance of pregnancy from this one episode is slim to none.

I hope you can stop being concerned, and if you will be concerned or worried for the next few weeks, you can always go to the pharmacy (tonight or tomorrow) and ask for Plan B, just to ease your mind. No prescription necessary if you are over the age of 17.

August 25, 2009 - 7:38pm

Good luck to you!

August 25, 2009 - 4:47pm

It says that If i miss 2 pills on the 3rd week to continue using the pack until finished and then go onto the new pack. I instead just went off for 7 days (the inactive pills) and started the new pack the time I'm suppose to start.
Yes he only went in once and then I started to get paranoid. So we used a condom. Should I consider taking the morning after pill?

August 25, 2009 - 1:04pm
(reply to Nessa1986)

My first reaction is that your risk of pregnancy is so slight, that you may not need to take the morning after pill. My hesitation is that everyone describes their sexual experiences differently, and what you say as "he only went in once" may have a different meaning or description, from different women. Does that make sense? ("He only went in once"....for 5 minutes?)

I don't feel that I can tell you yes or no to taking the morning after pill. You used a condom, and you did have 4 days of hormones in your system. There is the slightest chance that his pre-ejaculatory fluid on the tip of his penis contained sperm in the "one time" that he was inside of you without a condom.

If it were me, I would call my doctor's office today and ask the nurse on call. Let them know you had 4 days of hormones, and the instructions say you must use a condom for the next 7 days...how important are those 3 days? Ask them if it's worth using Plan B for unprotected sex that lasted, what, 4-5 seconds (?), without ejaculation.

Can you come back and tell us what the nurse said?

August 25, 2009 - 1:14pm

Glad to hear back from you!

This makes sense: you missed two pills (Aug 14 & 15), and started your new pack of pills on August 22nd. From August 16-21 you would have been on your inactive pills, anyways.

There may be a slight chance of pregnancy, since you technically did have unprotected intercourse on August 24th. The reasoning behind this: you had only been taking your pills for 4 days, and ideally, you need to have the hormones in your system for 7 days to build up to the 99% effectiveness rate.

Any time you miss pills, especially 2 or more in-a-row, you need to use a back up method of birth control (condoms) for the next 7 days after you begin the active pills. Your body was essentially without the synthetic hormones from your pill for 8 days (14th-21st), since you missed two pills and did not "double-up".

What do the instructions of your specific pill pack say to do, if you miss 2 pills in week 3? They probably say to "double up" on the following days, throw out the rest of the pack, and start a new pack on the next Sunday (or whatever day you start). Is this correct?

Next time you miss pills, even if you are sick, double-up when you are feeling better (if you miss 2 pills in-a-row), and use condoms for the next 7 days after you begin taking the pills again. You need to have an entire week's worth of pills in your system before having sex without a backup method.

Since your boyfriend did not ejaculate inside of you, and it sounds like you used a condom fairly quickly, your chances of being pregnant are so slight that it would not be cause for concern.

I hope this helps!

August 25, 2009 - 12:53pm

Yes I took the last pill on Aug 13 even though it was suppose to be Aug 15 and 16 and then I would have my 7 days off. So then I was off the pill exactly 1 week (the inactive pills) from aug 14-21. My period came on the 16
I had the unprotected sex if you want to call it that on Aug 24.

August 25, 2009 - 12:27pm

I'm confused by your statement: "you waited 7 days instead of 9 before taking the pill", as aren't you supposed to be using the pill every day? I understand that you missed 2 pills from being ill (that happens), but I can't tell if you had unprotected sex before your period or after; and I can't tell the timeline of when you missed pills, when you had unprotected sex, and when your period started.

What I did gather is: you had your period on August 16th, and today is August 25th.

Can you clarify these questions:
- You took your "last pill" on August 13th...was this the last pill of the pack, or last pill you have taken ever?
- But, you also say you started a new pill pack on August 15th, but then started your period on August 16th?
- Why did you start a new pill pack (were you through your inactive pills, or did you just decide to start a new pack since you missed 2 pills?)
- When, in this timeframe, did you have unprotected sex?
- When, exactly, did you miss the 2 pills? Do you know the dates, or when in the timeline this occurred (before/after period; before/after sex)?

August 25, 2009 - 12:18pm
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