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Was It Really God?

By April 1, 2009 - 9:24pm
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Today I experienced a supernatural phenomenom, I have heard of a physician in the Cleveland area who has been conducting healing services. He does not claim to heal and gives all the credit to the Holy Spirit. Many thousands of people are flocking to the church were he does the laying of the hands on those who seek healing: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. I came across his name just by coincidence as I was doing research on the power of prayer and healing. I am fascinated by latest research in energy medicine and wanted to gather some data on this topic. I learned that this doctor has been working with NASA physicists who are trying to figure out the mystery behind the many healings that witnesses talk about. This doctor who is well-known and works at the Cleveland clinic, is now conducting prayers over the internet using SKYPE.

I did not know what SKYPE was but wanted to get some prayers for my husband. So I downloaded the program and set up time for a SKYPE prayer today. Previously I had watched the videos from interviews with the media and on the latest Fox News interview on March 19, the doctor demonstrated how he uses SKYPE to reach out to those who cannot travel to Cleveland.

During the SKYPE healings on the FoxNews piece, the reporter noticed strange sounds coming out of the computer screen, each person that was being prayed over had a distinct sound. When asked by the reporter what was that sound, the doctor replied: "The Holy Spirit". Well, today my husband, the kids and I experienced the most incredible thing. As soon as we connected to the doctor's office, prayers started and the sound began. It was unique in frequency, deafening almost, very high volume and very high vibration, hard to describe. At first I thought I had a bad connection but I was told it was not the equipment. The sound stopped for a few minutes, then when the doctor entered the room, the sound started again and this time was different, it was very loud but very soothing at the same time, for a second it reminded me of an extraterrestrial sound from the movie "Contact".

WHile the doctor prayed quietly, this sound continued but changed from second to second. My husband who is totally paralized started to smile and his arms's muscles were twitching and his legs moving. I had my hand on the top of his head and I felt this incredible heat running throughout my body, but it was the sound that left me in a state of owe and wonder. When the doctor was done praying, he told my husband that his healing was at hand and the Holy Spirit was present the whole time offering the healing with love. He told us that the vibrational frequencies on his end were very strong. He promised to continue praying for my hubby because my husband's illness has a purpose...It has been four hours since this took place and I am still numb about the experience. I have taken healing touch classes, reiki and have some experience with laying of the hands, but today I came in contact with something not from this earth..

What do you think? Have you ever experienced a supernatural phenomenom? Are we more than physical bodies (sex, orgasms, disease, suffering, aging?

By the way here is the video from the latest FoxNews interview on this doctor's work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--Gq6k2PnYE&fmt=18

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Hi Diane! Thanks for the feedback. You are correct there is so much medical evidence now that proves you are more than flesh. Physicists are trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and the literature is beginning to mount with "proof". Tai Chi, QiQong, Acupuncture, are examples of energy modalities that no one understands how they work, but they work (research shows the data)! Laying of the hands is not different and this modality is called bioenergetics in the scientific arena.

By the way, the doctor did not charge us at all. But think about it, if you take a Tai Chi class you would have to pay, if you go for an acupuncture appointment, you would have to pay. What would make it so horrible if this doctor uses healing touch in his practice and charges? I understand he has a regular physician practice and a separate one for what he calls "faith healing" where he does the laying of the hands. He is using SKYPE because the demand is so high and he cannot be in many places at the same time. Reiki practitioners do the same under what is called "distance healing". I think prayer gets judged at a higher standard because our society does not like to affiliate to any particular religion. The fact the NASA has asked to study this doctor's prayer results shows that science is curious and the results (many have been cured physically) are evidence of something greater. The doctor insists it is not him who is doing the healing, but God Himself.

My hubby had a great night. He is no longer moving the legs but his twiches continue. The doctor stated that God wants to heal him and he will do other sessions. He said that God always wants to heal us but we need to align our energy frequency to His. The big question is HOW do we do that? Are healings of the soul and mind as powerful as the body?

Another interesting thing about the healings that are being recorded with this doctor is the fact that those who got "cured" physically were mainly people who were not close to God or did not believe. When the reporter asked why did God ignored those who are closest to Him, he responded the God is more interested on bringing people back to Him. So for those who are already on the "right side" maybe we will not see a physical miracle, but an spiritual and emotional one that will help us ease the suffering of the disease. It makes sense to me!

April 2, 2009 - 1:46pm

I'm astonished! Your husband's arms were twitching and his legs were moving? I cannot even imagine what you were feeling at the moment, because I have goosebumps as I read what you wrote.

I do believe in the healing power of prayer and energy. I don't think we understand exactly how it works, but I believe it is there. And I think "energy" can be just another word for God. Eckhart Tolle calls it "consciousness," others call it the universal force, or the higher power. I do believe some people are able to call upon that energy and use it in healing ways.

Has your husband's movements continued at all? Can he tell you what he was feeling at the time? Did he also feel the incredible heat you felt?

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. May I ask if at any time the doctor asks for money or donations in exchange for his prayers? Are there any cautions we should warn our readers about in terms of those who work over the internet?

April 2, 2009 - 9:48am
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