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What could it be?

By July 3, 2009 - 9:56pm
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I have had blood work done, ultrasounds done, put on medication. Yet nothing changes! Something is wrong with my inside. I have had extremely bad periods since I was 12, they would last 7 days and i would be in really bad pain. I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed sometimes. I would throw up, faint or have bad diarrhea. My body bruises like crazy but I’m not overly anemic (I will get random bruises for no reason, sometimes on my legs after sex, even when we are careful). My period can be heavy and runny or sometimes i have clots (similar to when i miscarried). I miscarried at 8 weeks which i was told was not unheard of but not normal either as baby had a heart beat. Im really confused as to what is going on? Will i miscarry again? Is there something wrong with my reproductive system? Im not sure what to add...so if someone can relate and needs more info please please just ask!

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T-3 for Pain (using now) , Naproxin(sp?) for muscle relax (using now), Mefenamic 250mg (tryied in 04 did nothing), birthcontrol (on now...doesnt help).

July 10, 2009 - 10:10am

I agree with Michele, Amy. I suffered from endometriosis for many years and had all the symptoms you do -- long periods, extreme cramping, heavy bleeding, sometimes clots. I also had cysts on my ovaries, but it was the endometriosis that caused me the most trouble.

What happens in endometriosis is this: During the month, when your uterus is building up its tissue in case you become pregnant, some of the tissue starts growing elsewhere, in places where it shouldn't. You didn't do anything to cause this; it just happens in some women. That endometrium tissue swells and grows just like the uterine tissue, which means your cramps can be very severe. Cramps as severe as you are having ARE caused by something. They are not normal. That's one thing my specialist taught me. He was amazed that I had had pain that way for years and that my normal doctor had not caught it.

Do you like your current gynecologist enough to stay with her and push through the time it takes to see her? Or are you more in favor of starting over with someone new? Sometimes there's a real advantage to that; they'll check your charts and tests from your previous doctor, but since they take a brand new history when you start with a new doctor, they often start from the beginning and do a thorough job of trying to figure out the situation. You need to feel like your doctor is a partner in your health care, and that she or he is working with you, not against you. That's really important.

When you say you were put on medication, what kind was it and what was it for?

July 10, 2009 - 8:26am

It sounds like you definitely need to go see someone else. A doctor who specializes in endometriosis should be able to separate out your issues of endometriosis with the other problems you describe to determine if they are related or not. Contact your regular doctor's office and get copies of your chart and recent labwork. Search the web for "endometriosis specialist" may help you find someone close to you to go to or contact your local hospital and see if they have a physician referral service that may list someone to go see. I hope this helps.

July 8, 2009 - 3:36pm

Well they havent really ruled out anything for sure and certian yet. I had a ultrasound done, both Internal and External. They say my iron is not to low but low enough to take a iron pill once daily. They rulled out my blood being to thin, also rulled it out being to thick. Its just that to get them to do any test i have to keep calling and going in. It takes months to see my doctor she is so busy (maybe i should find someone new). I feel like they have just given up...i thought maybe if i went in with somethings and said "here test me" they might be more willing to help. Instead of just grasping in the dark.

July 7, 2009 - 2:16pm

AmyLei, I'm interested in how they checked you out. Did you have ultrasounds or other diagnostic tests? Did you have a laparoscopy or hysteroscopy? Can you tell us a bit more about what the doctor has ruled out?

July 7, 2009 - 8:03am
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