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Corns Causes & Risks


Calluses and corns form as protective pads of skin in response to repeated friction or pressure. Causes include:

Calluses —Any activity that applies repeated friction or pressure to an area of skin, including:

  • Weight lifting (hands)
  • Using tools (hands)
  • Playing a stringed instrument (hands)
  • Running long distances (feet)
  • Kneeling to lay carpet or tile (knees)
  • Walking on hard surfaces without shoes (feet)

Corns —Any activity or condition that applies repeated friction or pressure to the toes, including:

  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes
  • Bunching of socks around toes
  • Socks with seams that rub against the toes
  • Foot abnormality causing a protrusion that rubs against footwear

Risk Factors

A risk factor is something that increases your chance of getting a disease or condition.

  • Professions or physical activities that cause repeated friction or pressure on the skin
  • Wearing ill-fitting footwear

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