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Dermatofibroma Symptoms & Diagnosis


These bumps rarely cause symptoms. However, it is always important to see a doctor about any new skin growth.

Dermatofibromas are:

  • Usually reddish-brown in color
    • Darker for individuals with darker skin
    • Color may change over time
  • Found most often on the legs, but may also appear on the arms or trunk of the body
  • Small in size (3-10 millimeters)
  • Very firm to touch
  • Occasionally itchy or sensitive when touched
  • Raised from the skin and may bleed if damaged (For example, if you shave over a dermatofibroma, it can bleed)


Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and medical history. A physical exam will be done.

A dermatofibroma is diagnosed by sight and touch. Your doctor may also squeeze the skin over the bump. When squeezed together, a dimple will form.

If there is doubt, the bump can be surgically removed. The removed tissue is then examined more thoroughly under a microscope.

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