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Mitral Stenosis Treatments


If you have mitral stenosis, you will need antibiotics when you have certain infections (eg, beta-strep infections, usually of the throat) or are having procedures (such as dental work) that may put you at risk for heart infections. This will help prevent further damage to your heart.

If you have mild mitral stenosis, your condition will need to be monitored, but may not need immediate treatment for symptoms associated with mitral stenosis. When symptoms become more severe, you may need to limit exertion and avoid high-salt foods. In addition, treatments may include:


Drugs may be prescribed to treat specific symptoms associated with mitral stenosis. These medications include:

  • Drugs that lower the heart rate and improve the heart's function (beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers)
  • Water pills (diuretics)
  • Blood-thinning drugs—Mitral stenosis can lead to blood clots that can go to the brain, causing strokes , or to the limbs, causing severe problems.
  • Drugs to control heart arrhythmias


Common types of heart valve surgery include:

  • Mitral valvulotomy—A surgical cut or enlargement is made in the stenotic mitral valve to relieve the obstruction.
  • Balloon valvuloplasty—A balloon device is inserted into the blocked mitral valve to open or enlarge the valve. This may provide temporary relief of symptoms. However, the valve may become blocked again.
  • Mitral valve replacement—This is the surgical replacement of a defective heart valve. This surgery is usually delayed until symptoms are severe or the patient can no longer be helped by other procedures.

If you are diagnosed with mitral stenosis, follow your doctor's instructions .

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