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Sue Shares How The Food She Eats Alters Her Insulin Intake (VIDEO)

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Sue explains how she changes her insulin intake while eating.

For me my insulin intake is based on carbohydrate. It’s very mathematical. It’s very straightforward. If you know the carbohydrate content of the item you are eating, and packaged food is great this way because you turn it over and it will tell you the carbohydrates in the meal or in the bar or in, if you measure your cereal it will tell you how much carbohydrate is in one cup of x cereal, and it’s great.

So what I do to eat, it’s a mathematical equation. We learn what our ratio is, even when you are taking shots you do have a ratio of one unit of insulin per so many carbohydrates. Carbohydrate information, I take a different amount of insulin for carbohydrate. I am on a 1 to 15 up until 5 o’clock at night and when it gets to be evening I need, I am a 1 to 20 at night, so even the ratio changes depending on the time of day.

So for example, and this is something that you would want to choose the healthiest option, I can have a bagel which runs, a bagel from a bagel store, runs around 70 to 75 carbohydrates and that’s just taking the bagel itself. I also have a particular candy bar that I like that’s rather small and thin and has a toffee kind of crunch to it and I am pretty sure it’s about 21 or 22 carbs.

So if you do the math you can eat three of those wonderful candy bars at 22 carbs a piece, which would be 66, or you can have your bagel from the bagel store which will come in somewhere around 70 carbs.

Three candy bars, one bagel – same amount of insulin. We do know, though, that one would be the healthier choice for us and so I wont’ tell you which one you should choose. I can tell you this though I have been known to eat a candy bar or two, as long as I have the carbohydrate information I can plug it in and match my insulin that goes into my body to meet the needs of the amount of carbos that I am taking on board.

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