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Dr. Daemon Jones: Foundations Of Health - Using Nutrition To Manage Diabetes

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After several years of seeing patients I have formulated an approach to treatment that supports a person's total well being.

This approach is designed to create a foundation upon which to build wellness and vitality in people's lives. I refer to this foundation as the 4 Pillars of Health - nutrition, movement, listening to your intuition (spiritual wisdom) and creating and maintaining loving and supportive community.

When patients come into my practice, they are usually looking for help in creating or strengthening at least one of these 4 pillars. As we create a plan that integrates all pillars into their lives their health goals are reached exponentially.

Beginning today and over the next several blog entries, I will explore these 4 pillars of health with you - with the goal of providing an overview of the importance of tending to wellness in all aspects of your life to keep one's self balanced and healthy.

In this blog we will start by looking at Pillar 1, Nutrition. The New College Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines to nourish - to provide food or other substances necessary for life and growth. To foster the development of; promote and sustain.

Nutrition can be food or any way we need to nourish ourselves. Food nutrition focuses on what we are putting into our body. Our food or fuel, affects everything in our being from our energy, to our attitude, to our ability to heal quickly or endure illness longer. The care we take in feeding ourselves is the way we nourish ourselves on every level. Paying attention to ourselves enough to eat well is an important way we nourish ourselves. When I work with patients I want them to understand what is the best for them to eat for their health. I also want them to understand the importance of eating at appropriate times and in appropriate ways.

Patient example:
Female patient, 34 years old over 100 pounds overweight diagnosed with type II diabetes for over 15 years.

Diabetes II is a disease where the body is not utilizing the sugar produced from food correctly.

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