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What Can Women Do About Excessive Ear Wax Buildup? - Dr. O'Leary (VIDEO)

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Dr. O’Leary introduces himself and shares what a woman should do about excessive wax buildup in her ears.

Dr. O'Leary:
Hi, I am Dr. Michael O’Leary. I am an ear specialist here at Alvarado Hospital. My background was mostly Navy which brought me to San Diego and I have done a career in the Navy, working in the ear and had training sub-specializing amongst the field of ear, nose, and throat, specifically the ears.

People oftentimes come in and go, “You know, I am sort of unique. I get this waxy buildup.” I really enjoy that because it’s a little like someone coming and going, “You know, I really have this problem. My hair grows so much more than other people’s hair grows.” I mean, we all know there’s a bell curve on how much our hair grows and some grow a little faster than the others, but the bottom line in humanity, we have a bell curve.

Hair is a same product; it’s keratin. All the parts of our body, our fingernails, our hair, the outside world is greeted by a special organ called keratin, and it makes up our skin, and the problem in ears is never too much production of keratin, no more than it is, “My fingernails grow too fast,” or, “My hair grows too fast; my teeth grow too fast.” This is not the problem. It’s usually our hygiene.

So when a patient comes in with that concept, that belief has been fostered by the fact that nothing they are doing is working, but that’s more of an indictment on what they have been doing than anything unique about their rapid rate of hair growth. And the best way to prove that is, you get them on the right path in terms of the hygiene I just mentioned a little while ago, and all their problems disappear.

About Dr. O'Leary, M.D.:
As a neurotologist, Dr. Michael O'Leary specializes in diseases of the ear and balance, treating all aspects of ear problems, both medical and surgical. Among his unique areas of expertise in the ears are correction of surfer’s ears (exostosis), stapes surgery and repair of chronic mastoidectomy defects. His role on the skull-base team focuses on tumors of the lateral skull base, such as acoustic neuromas and meningiomas. He is also a nationally recognized leader in the development of minimally invasive techniques, including the endoscopic removal of pituitary tumors.

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