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105 Years of Anti-Aging Ideas

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The world is full of anti-aging products, secrets, tips, and illusions, but if you truly want to feel remarkably years younger in an instant, then stand next to a gal well into her 105th year of life and see how you feel!

The simple fact that she is of such a mature age does not make you feel younger in and of itself. The fact that she is still full of life makes you feel younger, almost as if you have years ahead of you, no matter what your age.

I had to remind myself of this fact while at a meeting this morning. A younger man in the group, around age 27, pointed out that I am, well, older than he is. Yes, at 45, I am older, but that does not make me OLD. He was implying that I would probably be retiring within a few years. What???? I don’t know what his generation is thinking, but in my world, we never retire. People in my family are still employed at the time of their demise. My grandfather was into his nineties when he passed away, yet he was, up until a few months prior to his death, heading out to the office every day, just as he had for nearly 70 years. My uncle, age 74, works full-time as a medical doctor. I truly believe that his energy and work ethic have kept him young. You would never be able to tell at first glance that he is 74. I guarantee you that the young man who noted I would probably be retiring in a few years will be retired well before I will even think about it!

So, let’s get back to standing next to an elderly lady. (No, you are not standing next to me. Picture my granny here. Focus!) This past Sunday, I had the honor of meeting her at the airport on her return trip from the east coast. She had a three-hour layover before her “puddle jumper” plane escorted her back to her small town in the Midwest. This gave Grandma and my husband and I the opportunity to spend some quality time with each other. All I can say, is, Grandma surely can make all of us look bad when it comes to living life to the fullest!

According to sources on About.com, “for seniors, the term ‘aging well’ includes having a healthy body, an active mind, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive attitude. For Grandma, that means check, check, check, and double-check! She fits all of those criteria, and more! In 2004, a team of researchers from the University of Texas conducted a study that revealed, unsurprisingly, that “people with an upbeat view of life were less likely than pessimists to show signs of frailty.” Their findings suggested that people who held fast to a positive outlook on life were much less likely to become frail. Grandma has that one nailed down.

After we picked her up at the airport and retrieved her belongings from the baggage claim, we headed over to the adjacent terminal to find a place to grab a bite to eat and just chat before her connecting flight departed. The airport gave Grandma the use of a wheelchair as a courtesy. (For legal reasons, I am wondering if they give these to anyone who looks over 50!) Grandma could have walked on her own, but I think she enjoyed putting me to work, telling me to pull over at the nearest eating establishment! At the rate she was requiring me to hustle, I was afraid I might get pulled over for speeding!

We found a place to grab a bite to eat. During our lunch, Grandma began to pontificate about life.

“You know,” she began. “I keep thinking about Heaven. I mean, how do they possibly have room for all of those people up there?”

I never thought about it that way and asked her, “What do you mean? There is plenty of room. I am sure of that.”

“No,” she continued. “I just don’t see how there could be much more room up there now. I suppose I have to wait around to die until they kick a few out.”

She took a slurp of her soup and then said, “And I certainly do not intend to head in the opposite direction when I die!” Leave it to Grandma to have such a delicate reference to Hell.

Since we were on the topic, I asked her who she would probably see first in Heaven, provided they cleared out the clutter first.

“Oh, I suppose I would see Lloyd and L.A.,” she expressed, in reference to her late husband who passed away 30 years ago and to my late father, her oldest son, who died at a young age.

“Do you think they will let Uncle Blaine up there when he dies?” I joked.

Not missing a beat and recognizing the orneriness of her 74-year-old, very energetic son, Grandma replied, “They may not want him!” Then she laughed that all-out guffaw for which she is known by family and friends. If you are sitting or standing near her when she laughs, you could get sprayed! Bring some wipes.

After lunch, her sweet tooth kicked in. She was on the prowl for some chocolate or a big cinnamon roll with all of the calories smeared over it. At her age, calories are the least of her worries! (Wouldn’t that be great?) She is not large, yet eating is her favorite sport. “If I can’t eat it, I don’t want it,” she will respond when asked what she wants for her birthday. “I’ll eat anything.”

I have heard that a sense of humor keeps the years off of a person, too. No wonder Grandma is still rocking it! At one point during our airport stay, we got a bit bored. I had an idea and asked Grandma if she would be willing to participate. I did not have to ask her twice.

We decided that I would sit in the wheelchair and she would push ME! She got up out of the chair and I plopped my hindquarters in it. She stood behind it and began pushing me down the terminal. Between fits of laughter, I had to yell, “Grandma! Slow down! You’re scaring me!” My husband had the foresight to break out the camera at this point. Since I was thus caught on film “abusing” a geriatric, I then made my husband get in the chair, and, yes, Grandma pushed HIM! The looks we got from people ran from general intrigue to “what’s the number for the geriatric abuse hotline?” It was, in true fashion, a Borat-like moment! And Grandma loved it!

Once we put the wheelchair aside, she asked me, “So, how about a cruise next summer?”

That is yet another way to avert the aging process. Make plans to live for…and live a life that others would die for! Just make sure you keep a comfortable place up in Heaven for Grandma one of these years!

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