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Do you take mutivitamins daily? How about Cod liver oil? If you say no to both of this you should consider taking them. The body needs all kinds of nutrition and the foods we eat don't give us all the nutrition we need. That's why having multivitamins daily is important. Try also taking a teaspoon of cod liver oil daily to. Today's study shows that cod liver oil is much more healthier than fish oil. Cod liver oil is healthy for the skin and hair, fights cavities and so much more. ' Did you know that vitamin D and calcium are only nutrition to the bones it doesn't keep the bone strong and healthy. These two vitamins are very important but taking copper are very healthy for the bones. Keeps the bone strong helps prevent breakage. Copper is important just like vitamin D and calcium. People who are vegeterian should be taking vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 are in meat and since you don't eat meat you really should be taking this. If you have PMS symptoms, breast pain, cramps and feeling moody taking Vitamin E helps alot. You should take 800 IU not more. All this you experience are hormonal issue. Stay Healthy


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