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Do you have such tender and painful breasts? Did your doctor diagnose you with something called fibrocystic breasts? 93 percent of women have this problem and having fibrocystic breasts can increase the chance of having cancer. For such painful breasts it's good to take Motrin (ibuprofen) and helps with the pain. Having such tender breasts like this the cause is from thyroid issues. It's a good idea to see your endocrincologist to check your thyroid levels. If they are normal it's best to mention your Iodine levels also. Fibrocystic breasts needs lots of iodine until the breasts have fat. You should definitely consult your doctor about iodine and your tenderness from your breasts. Here is a topic you can take and print out to show your doctor to understand iodine and fibrocystic breasts. http://www.1-thyroid.com/fibrocysticbreastdisease.htm. Good Luck, Melissa


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