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Do you experience the following symptoms: Fatigue Hairloss (alopecia) Fibrocystic Breast Disease Acne Hirsutism Lack of energy Intolerant to cold weather Dry skin Have you had blood test for T3 and T4 and results show that they are normal but still have same problem? This is a really frustrating matter and the whole endocrine system are all usually normal but what the thyroid is missing is hormone. The thyroid has no hormone at all and where it comes from is by taking Iodine supplements. Iodine builds thyroid hormone and the thyroid needs more iodine than anything else. Iodine and thyroid are very important together without out it causes hypothyroid and hyperthyroid. The body doesn't produce iodine it comes from the food we eat. The deficiency of iodine is getting worse daily and we need to keep our body sufficient in iodine intake. Talk to your doctor how much is best to take daily. To much iodine is harmful not having any causes problems and leads to having a goiter. Iodine is this important. Melissa


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