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by Aimz45 10 years ago
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Basically I'd like to know about other people's experiences with annoyingly constant headaches and motion sickness. About one month ago, I went to the movies, this is usually awful for me and I have to make sure it is a large cinema room and that I sit way up the back, I still get dizzy and nauseated every time I watch a movie on the big screen, but this time was exceptionally worse, to add to the problem, absolutely NO pain killers (paracetamol, asprin, ibuprofen etc) work to get rid of the dizzy headaches that form at the cinema. The only problem now is, it has been over a month and I STILL FEEL NAUSEATED AND HAVE A KILLER HEADACHE!! It hasn't gone away for even an hour, it is keeping me awake most of the night and being tired is adding to the severity. Just yesterday I was trying on some clothes in a shop and nearly fell over from the dizziness. Past info- Very susceptable to dizziness, nausea and headaches, even from simply turning around quickly and being close to the ground :-S Recently I have finished gradually coming off a 10mg anti-depresent, which if I ever forgot to take one day, I would get 'fuzzy' feelings in my head and eyes. I have had a CT scan a few years back and every thing returned normal. HELP!!


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